Make Money Online From Surveys

Make Money Online From Surveys

Did you know that on top of freelancing and online business, you can also make money online from surveys? I’ve heard this so many times but I never bother checking on it as  I found it not worth enough of my time as I am already satisfied with freelancing. But today, for the purpose of exploring opportunities, I will be sharing more about how to make money online from surveys. Will validate and check if I could really make money doing surveys. This might be another option you might try and test it for yourself while waiting for a freelancing project.
Let’s have a quick review! There’s a lot of opportunities online and just by doing surveys you can start earning from home today. With surveys, you will answer questions and that’s it. Research says taking opinions is a great way of making money, however, it’s not a lot. Somehow you can still make money out from it.

Completing surveys at home is a great way to make extra income. However, we should not be tricked into joining surveys that are scam sites. Here are the top 3 things to consider when doing online surveys.

  1. Never pay to join a site. Genuine sites will never ask for a payment.
  2. Does it seem to be too good true? Please note that online surveys are not a get rich quick scheme
  3. Transparency. Any legitimate company is eager to tell about them. 
Don’t forget! Be very cautious and learn how to avoid work from home scams
Here’s a list of survey sites that are worth trying.










There’s still a lot on the list but among the list, is a good way to start on learning how to make money from online surveys.

Will keep you posted on my personal experience with these online survey sites.

Entrepreneurship for Seniors : Cristy’s Turmeric Products

Entrepreneurship for Seniors : Cristy’s Turmeric Products

I often look entrepreneurship as an activity for the “young ones” but was amazed when I met Mrs. Crisitina Arceo, also called Nanay Cristy from Talavera, Nueva Ecija.  Nanay Cristy is a 62-year-old senior from Talavera, Nueva Ecija who has just started her venture of bringing her products online. She has two products that she personally prepared: Turmeric Oil and Turmeric Ointment and was proud to say that she has great products.

cristys turmeric products

I remembered her desire to really make her product be known because she believes that it can help a lot of people. My mind is so vivid that I recalled her seriously listening to me as I conducted the training about digital marketing. I recalled how excited she was when I shared with her that her product has the potential of bringing it to the global marketplace. When I showed the same turmeric essential oil being sold on Amazon for $9.99 (for 30 ml) while hers is Php100.00 (for 100 ml).  I remembered her offering me to give me a body massage so I can experience how she does it.

Life is full of surprises, received the bad news that she just passed away. I missed the opportunity of telling her that yes, indeed you have a great product. Thank you for this Turmeric Oil you gave me, true to your word, indeed it helped people. I used it when I had boils and in a span of 3 days, it was healed.

Turmeric Oil

Nanay Cristy, we may have known each other for only a few days but thank you for inspiring me that even in your senior years you did not give up and saw your determination of pursuing success in your business. We are going to miss you and I hope that with this post, I hope in some way your product can still be known to other people.

Home Based Business Idea # 1 : Starting Backyard  Plant Nursery

Home Based Business Idea # 1 : Starting Backyard Plant Nursery

Home based business idea is just around the corner,  you agree? Check what you have at home, anything you love to do and enjoy, and maybe you can come up with a home based business idea you can start without that “big capital”.

I was enjoying getting seeds from this “money tree” as what my mother-in-law said so. This is an 11 year old plant my          mother-in-law brought when we transferred to our house in Cavite and I love it because it shows 2 colors, red and yellow.I really don’t know why but I am really fond getting those seeds and disperse it until that seed grows.

money tree

money tree grows

money tree grows more

I said, the home-based business idea is just around the corner and I want to take you that side that wherein there’s no excuse you can’t start earning money from home. As long as you have an internet connection and determination to push things, then you are set for your home-based business. Here are the initial steps you can take :

  1. “Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You can”
  2. Research

I went ahead and see if I can get an opportunity for this money tree. I searched for “money tree plant”, and here’s what I got.

money tree plant

Bingo! It gives me the idea that I can sell this money tree seeds online.  I found two places where money trees are sold, Shopee, and Facebook marketplace.


3. Do What You Can

What can you do?  You have the idea, the tool and of course, you need to take action. You can post it on your wall, get started with Shopee, and start uploading in Facebook Marketplace.

Easy right? You can start a home-based business as easily as it is.  All we need is to become resourceful on what we currently have. Don’t wait to make things get perfect, nothing will happen if you keep on waiting. Stop waiting for that “big money capital”, start with what you have.  If you want to get ahead, start doing it now.

How about you? What do you have? Need some home-based business ideas you can get started? Send me a message and let’s discover what you can do right now, CLICK HERE.

How I Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Profit From It

How I Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Profit From It

Introvert. Shy. Get intimidated by people. Nothing to share when in a group. Never see me do the first move unless you approach me. I always got nervous when speaking in front of people. This is what I used to be. But things change, I never thought that as an introvert type, I will turn out as a public speaker. The best thing about it, I overcome the fear of public speaking and profit from it

I started public speaking in February 2016 through a seminar and it has then become an income stream. I’ve conducted more than 10 seminars on home-based opportunities and online marketing.
How did it start?
It all started with a DESIRE. I wanted to share about home-based jobs as this is an opportunity everyone can enjoy. I looked for training and came across Knockout Presentation Skills by Anthony Pangilinan. I wanted to attend and inquired about how much it will cost me for that workshop.
Guess what? Boom, it’s Php10,000.00! A learning investment fee that I can’t afford with. I asked the organizer if the installment is possible on the next schedule since I cannot afford a one-time payment. The organizer agreed, unfortunately, I was not able to complete the payment and failed to attend.
Sad, right? Did I give up on it? Yes, for quite some time but when you want something in your from your heart,  you will get it at the right time. After a year, another schedule was coming, and I reached out again to the organizer if I can resume my installment payment. Guess what, the organizer offered me instead to pay a one-time payment of Php5,000.00, that makes 50% of the total cost.
Gotcha! Persistence works! I finally got it in December 2014.

knockout presentation skills


Things did not work out the way I wanted. Doubts and fears replaced my desire. Are there people who will listen to me? Are there people who will pay to listen to me? What’s worst when your husband told you, don’t push through with it “baka langawin ka lang”. Oh, don’t get my husband wrong, he only said that because he loves me so much and he doesn’t want me na mapahiya because he knows how I am :).


I was ready to leave behind that DESIRE but I met someone who created a big impact on my life and public speaking journey. He was the one who unlocked my potential and to TAKE ACTION and not just  “I THINK “. Meet Raymond Lim, CEO of RBG Philippines.

raymond lim

Because of the 1 day workshop that completely changed the way how I see things in life. The title of the workshop is, Money Making Muscle Workshop, you can check it HERE, or check this MMM graduate say about the workshop.


A new year, new learnings. New Journey. I reached out to Manila Workshops.

manila workshops

mommy ginger

And it feels so great when there are people who may not know you but will support your journey. Yes, the CEO of Manila Workshops,  Ginger Arboleda, responded immediately.


I had my first seminar after 3 years of dreaming of it. We were able to gather 20 audiences and it was held in Maxx’s  Robinson, Imus. It was so funny, I remembered that I told my audience, “Please bear with me as this is my first time to speak”. I was really so nervous and before the seminar started, I pee around 3 to 5 times.

Finally, I made it. Because it was a successful event, I partnered again with Manila Workshops and we planned to have it in Metro Manila.


The second seminar was successful except that I was so discouraged because harsh feedback is so painful to bear. I cannot accept it because I know in my heart that I have given all my best but I guess my best is not enough :).  After the event, I really cried! I was so discouraged that I told myself, I will not pursue it anymore. But still, in my heart, I want to pursue it.

I was looking for an answer on how to overcome it. In fact, with my craziness, I even emailed Chinkee Tan, I really looked up to him. I am mentored by his seminars, books, and blog posts.

Chinkee Tan

You know what, he really answered me 🙂

chinkee tan

During that time, Ginger Arboleda also reached out to me and we had one on one meeting to help me out. These incidents helped me understand that I cannot please everyone. And to turn negativity to positivity and use such negativity to become a better you. You know what, speaking life to another person helps a lot. If these persons did not speak life to me, I may not be writing this blog post now.


The decision to continue with my journey is the best decision I’ve made and helped me grow as a person. I’ve conducted more than 10 workshops now and I have been doing it for 2 years now.

home-based career seminar


Increase Credibility

I get connected with big brands. Payoneer is an international brand that offers a global payment solution. You can visit their website HERE or you may want to sign up NOW.



PRULIFE- UK Amber Speaking Invitation

prulife uk

Getting Interviews

  • Email Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Inc South East Asia. “Inc. Southeast Asia is the sole Southeast Asian licensee of Inc., the world’s leading media brand for entrepreneurs and start-ups”.

You may want to check the write-up HERE.

  • Radio/TV Interview

School of Life TV

school of life

School Life of TV

Net25 Guesting


The best part I get to profit from public speaking as an extra income stream. It is so exciting, that I was able to earn the most at a 5 digit income. Sounds great, right! I never thought that I can earn as much as that by speaking in 3 hours and by sharing information with people. On top of that, I was able to generate leads and convert it as a customer of my home-based online marketing agency.


Two years may have passed but there’s still a lot to work on me because learning never stops. To hone my public speaking skills, I recently joined  Maxwell Speakers Club International – Philippines.

Joining Maxwell Speakers Club has benefits  including :
  1. Watch exclusive John Maxwell live presentation and extract lessons.
  2. Experiential learning through prepared and impromptu speeches, live feedback, and critiques.
  3. Practical topics and assignments.

How about you? Do you have that desire to get started with public speaking to help increase your credibility and profit from it?

With preparation and experience, you can overcome the fear of public speaking.

7 Ways How I Earn Money Online While Working from Home

7 Ways How I Earn Money Online While Working from Home

Working from home provides unlimited opportunities and all you need to do is find out what will work best for you. Indeed, there’s a lot of opportunities, some works for me, some did not and some are still work in progress. Here’s the 7 ways on how I earn money online while working from home:

Online Freelancing

I have been into the freelancing industry for a decade and I worked as a Virtual Assistant helping business owners grow their business with online marketing through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.I got my clients through and and this has been my primary source of income.

Home-Based Outsourcing Agency

As a freelancer, I’d like to step up to another level and started, Jass Online Solutions. Jass Online Solutions,is a home-based outsourcing agency that helps freelancers and business owners grow their business with affiliate marketing. 

jass online solutions

Information Selling Through Coaching Program

As a work at home mom coach,  I help moms  start home-based career. With this gig, I help moms start a          home-based career. On this gig, I developed courses that helps moms transition from the corporate world to  the freelancing world. I earn money by selling the home-based course.

Information Selling through Public Speaking

From the developed courses, I expanded it through live workshops . Workshops are normally on a 4 hours activity.


Event Organizing

This one was actually just out of curiosity and just volunteered and for some reason I enjoyed doing Event Organizing with Manila Workshops. As an Event Director, I am in charge of organizing learning workshops like Creating a Simple Business Plan and Setting Up A Winning Blog for your Business.

Online Selling

Well, this one did not work for me but I engaged into selling chocolates and perfumes but as a reseller only.

Before I talk about 7th way , earning money online is not a one-time shot, it takes a lot of patience, perseverance and it’s always about continous learning and of course it’s about taking action. Knowledge is not power, but application is POWER. No matter how many skills and bulk knowledge you have if you don’t apply it, then it’s nothing.

Last year, I changed my freelancing niche into Affiliate Marketing. Why Affiliate Marketing? Because this is a great opportunity for me to create a passive income through Blogging with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing monetization.

Blogging through Adsense & Affiliate Marketing Monetization

This is still work in progress but it is worth pursuing. This is because while learning and pursuing for the passive income, there is still conversion because I was able to make use of it as a freelancing service.

With Blogging, I explored on  different niches like Korean Drama, Health, Travel, Dogs and Debt. I choose these niches as something that really interests me , like with Korean Drama, that is because I love Korean Drama Addict. 🙂 Health blog because I went through a condition called Ameloblastoma, a tumor on  the jaw.

How can I earn money online through blogging? With Affiliate Marketing it is about promoting other people’s products and I can earn a commission out of it. For example, I am promoting Payoneer, if you click on the link HERE ,you sign up and receives at least $1000, both you and I will earn a $25 commission. Adsense on the other hand is a cost per click advertising program that allows publisher to place an ad on a website.

There are so many gigs, right? It’s a matter of exploring things and making the most out of it so you can earn money online while working from home. I hope this gives you more ideas and would love to see you take action on whatever journey you want to pursue.

How about you? Do you already have ideas on how to earn money online while working from home? Or do you want to know more ways on how to earn extra income from home? Watch the video below.