Mushrooms are a great addition to any garden and can be quickly grown at home. This guide will show you how to grow mushrooms at home and the necessary supplies. Growing your own mushrooms is a great way to save money, and it’s also a fun project for the whole family. So why not give it a try?

I was typically looking for a fun activity for the family when I saw a Facebook Ad that it is possible to grow mushrooms at home. Curiousity strikes me, right away, I purchased a mushroom growing kit from Pinong Farm Mushroom Kit for Php699  which you can purchase at Shoppee. The mushroom kit includes  3 mushroom fruiting bags, a sprayer, a cutter .

Process of Growing Mushrooms

How I started growing the mushroom?  I started with what’s available at home.

Step 1 : I place it on the unused plastic box which you can see on the video.


Step 2 :  Everyone in the family take turns in spraying 3 times everyday.


Step 3:  We consistently spray and patiently wait for the results and finally, after 10 days, a small white portion is showing on the fruiting bag.

Step 4 : From growing to eating.  It’s so fun while taking care of them and be able to harvest mushroooms at home.

First Mushroom Harvest, First Mushroom Recipe :  Fried Mushroom

2nd Mushroom Harvest, 2nd Mushroom Recipe :   Misua with Mushroom

These are great experiences, but as everyone says, you will face challenges and problems. There was an instance when we had to travel, and we could not spray it for 3 days. Another problem encountered was one of the fruiting bags had developed mold contamination which I still have to research what caused such contamination.

There are still many things to learn about growing mushrooms at home, and it is enjoyable.  But if there is another thing I’ve learned, growing mushrooms at home creates an opportunity for moms who want to make extra income online. Yes, you can profit from growing mushrooms at home in 4 ways.

1. Sell Fresh Mushrooms
2. Sell Fruiting Bags
3. Sell Mushroom Kit
4. Sell Mushroom Fries, Pizza, Burger
So, let’s say we start growing mushrooms at home, here’s the potential extra income :
Target Production/Day = at least 1 kilo/day
Target Market =  Sell in your subdivision
Target Selling Price =Php250- Php300/kilo
There’s something to look forward to, right?  Realizing this opportunity, I purchased more fruiting bags so I could start making extra income from home. Today, we have 40 mushroom babies that we are taking care of.

We will see what lies ahead as we start this new journey of growing mushrooms at home with fun and eventually profit from it.

Where to buy a Mushroom Growing Kit?

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