I often look entrepreneurship as an activity for the “young ones” but was amazed when I met Mrs. Crisitina Arceo, also called Nanay Cristy from Talavera, Nueva Ecija.  Nanay Cristy is a 62-year-old senior from Talavera, Nueva Ecija who has just started her venture of bringing her products online. She has two products that she personally prepared: Turmeric Oil and Turmeric Ointment and was proud to say that she has great products.

cristys turmeric products

I remembered her desire to really make her product be known because she believes that it can help a lot of people. My mind is so vivid that I recalled her seriously listening to me as I conducted the training about digital marketing. I recalled how excited she was when I shared with her that her product has the potential of bringing it to the global marketplace. When I showed the same turmeric essential oil being sold on Amazon for $9.99 (for 30 ml) while hers is Php100.00 (for 100 ml).  I remembered her offering me to give me a body massage so I can experience how she does it.

Life is full of surprises, received the bad news that she just passed away. I missed the opportunity of telling her that yes, indeed you have a great product. Thank you for this Turmeric Oil you gave me, true to your word, indeed it helped people. I used it when I had boils and in a span of 3 days, it was healed.

Turmeric Oil

Nanay Cristy, we may have known each other for only a few days but thank you for inspiring me that even in your senior years you did not give up and saw your determination of pursuing success in your business. We are going to miss you and I hope that with this post, I hope in some way your product can still be known to other people.