Working from home provides unlimited opportunities and all you need to do is find out what will work best for you. Indeed, there’s a lot of opportunities, some works for me, some did not and some are still work in progress. Here’s the 7 ways on how I earn money online while working from home:

Online Freelancing

I have been into the freelancing industry for a decade and I worked as a Virtual Assistant helping business owners grow their business with online marketing through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.I got my clients through and and this has been my primary source of income.

Home-Based Outsourcing Agency

As a freelancer, I’d like to step up to another level and started, Jass Online Solutions. Jass Online Solutions,is a home-based outsourcing agency that helps freelancers and business owners grow their business with affiliate marketing. 

jass online solutions

Information Selling Through Coaching Program

As a work at home mom coach,  I help moms  start home-based career. With this gig, I help moms start a          home-based career. On this gig, I developed courses that helps moms transition from the corporate world to  the freelancing world. I earn money by selling the home-based course.

Information Selling through Public Speaking

From the developed courses, I expanded it through live workshops . Workshops are normally on a 4 hours activity.


Event Organizing

This one was actually just out of curiosity and just volunteered and for some reason I enjoyed doing Event Organizing with Manila Workshops. As an Event Director, I am in charge of organizing learning workshops like Creating a Simple Business Plan and Setting Up A Winning Blog for your Business.

Online Selling

Well, this one did not work for me but I engaged into selling chocolates and perfumes but as a reseller only.

Before I talk about 7th way , earning money online is not a one-time shot, it takes a lot of patience, perseverance and it’s always about continous learning and of course it’s about taking action. Knowledge is not power, but application is POWER. No matter how many skills and bulk knowledge you have if you don’t apply it, then it’s nothing.

Last year, I changed my freelancing niche into Affiliate Marketing. Why Affiliate Marketing? Because this is a great opportunity for me to create a passive income through Blogging with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing monetization.

Blogging through Adsense & Affiliate Marketing Monetization

This is still work in progress but it is worth pursuing. This is because while learning and pursuing for the passive income, there is still conversion because I was able to make use of it as a freelancing service.

With Blogging, I explored on  different niches like Korean Drama, Health, Travel, Dogs and Debt. I choose these niches as something that really interests me , like with Korean Drama, that is because I love Korean Drama Addict. 🙂 Health blog because I went through a condition called Ameloblastoma, a tumor on  the jaw.

How can I earn money online through blogging? With Affiliate Marketing it is about promoting other people’s products and I can earn a commission out of it. For example, I am promoting Payoneer, if you click on the link HERE ,you sign up and receives at least $1000, both you and I will earn a $25 commission. Adsense on the other hand is a cost per click advertising program that allows publisher to place an ad on a website.

There are so many gigs, right? It’s a matter of exploring things and making the most out of it so you can earn money online while working from home. I hope this gives you more ideas and would love to see you take action on whatever journey you want to pursue.

How about you? Do you already have ideas on how to earn money online while working from home? Or do you want to know more ways on how to earn extra income from home? Watch the video below.