How To Become A Virtual Assistant Part 4

How To Earn As A VA Part 4


Finding a direct client is one of the most exciting and at the same time something that will challenge you as a Virtual Assistant. This is because you have to do everything on your own, and in return, you will get to receive a higher payment since there would be no third-party website to do the work deal for you. You might be wondering now, where can I possibly find a direct client.

1.  Referrals

You may ask your friends or people that you previously knew if they know someone who is currently looking for a helping hand online. You never know, maybe a common friend is what you are ideally looking for as an online client.

2. Free Job Platforms

There are job marketplaces that will not get any centavo from you as they offer a different business model.  The most popular platform is It's a platform for Filipino applicants only and the clients pays the platform by subscription so they can get access to database of applicants. Here's one thing to remember, getting direct client has the risk of not getting paid but you just have to take precautionary measures to prevent of not getting paid.

3. Social Media Networks 

    Joining Facebook, Linkedin groups and Forums are other ways to acquire direct client. There are job threads posted on sites that you can get accessed to.

4. Online Marketing Strategy 

    Implementing online marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media Marketing  and Advertisements can also be helpful when generating leads for your virtual assistance services.


At times, online freelancers fail to land a job because they come up with “undesirable” cover letter. It is either the client finds the message too boastful or too dull. So how are you going to do it?

Keep it short. There is no need for you to say a lot of unnecessary things just for you to look knowledgeable or worthy of the job. Just keep it formal short, and simple.

Next thing to note is that keep your tone formal. Yes, I understand that you would like to look cheerful and positive through writing. But there is a line that separate professionalism and the personality of being cheerful. So, keep it professional by being formal in tone.

Introduce yourself, be direct to the point by stating your objective in writing, give a brief yet informative details about your field of expertise, and say thank you. That’s it! No more, no less.


If you do not have your website to hold your entire portfolio, an online file box will do to organize your portfolio. You may make use of Dropbox or Google Drive or any other online file storage. The key here is to make your files organized. For example, come up with a specific folder that contains all the spreadsheets that you had, another table for letters, and another table for other clerical jobs you have done in the past. Rename the files correctly so that the client can quickly go over your data and see the quality of your work.

Just note that in doing this, the files that you are going to include are those that you have rights over and not those that belong to the previous companies you’ve worked for if there are any. Organize your files, create a share link, and send it to the client and showcase what you got.

Ready to become a Virtual Assistant?  Go, explore and enjoy the journey of becoming a virtual assistant.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Part 3

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Part 3

Payment Method Options


Enjoying the first virtual assistant salary is the happiest result of hard work. Withdrawing your hard-earned payout from your freelancing job is one of the things that we are looking for as freelancers. Why not? We get to receive the fruits of labor, and we get to spend it with people dear to us! But what are some of the payment gateway that you can use in withdrawing your money?


First in the list is Payoneer, a global payment solutions that is already on it’s 12th year, in fact I am happy to be a Payoneer user for 10 years. It allows you to receive your payment through online banking transfer or if you wish, you can also use it for online shopping! Isn’t amazing? You can now receive your payments from all over the world without worrying about how to get it because you can do it in varied ways. Plus, it is also a safe gateway all in all.

The second in the list is Paypal, the top payment gateway for all the freelancers in the world. Just like Payoneer, you can also withdraw your payments through bank or ATM,


The third and the last on my list is withdrawing payment through local bank transfer if you are using Upwork platform.


Building your Virtual Assistant (VA) Profile


The greatest secret in building your VA profile is by making sure that you put all your skills which you think are necessary for a virtual assistant job. Skills like organizational skills, keen to details, prompt to schedule, communication skills, fluency and accuracy in working on documents, and the likes. Remember that clients would like to get to know you and what you are capable of doing because they would like to be sure that they are hiring the right person that they need for their job. So, putting all your desirable skills and other pleasant things about you will more likely sell like hotcakes to the clients.

Don’t forgot to add portfolio, platforms such as Upwork allows you to add it.


Two Ways to Get a Client


There are two ways on how you can get a client in the Freelancing world. First is through a job marketplace acquisition while the second one is through the direct client acquisition. The first one entails you signing up for a specific website and doing a complete profile. After that, you will have to go through different job posts and do your best to send an application and eventually once you are considered as one of the applicants, do an interview. The catch is, the site will be the one to receive and release the payment for you because they are the one managing the site and they get to earn by making job deals. So more or less, a percentage of your payment will go to the website, and another portion is by sending the payment through your preferred method. It is also a safe way of getting a client since the payment will be done and will be on an escrow (hold period) before you start doing your job.

The second type is through direct client acquisition where you will personally look for clients online through job posting websites. You will have to apply and negotiate on your own, and the site does not necessarily take a percentage from your earnings. The client will send the payment to you directly, and the agreement about the job will be between the two of you. The catch in this way is that there is no guarantee that the client will send the payment once you are done in the task since there is no such thing as escrow or hold period while you are doing the job.

Do you want to know where to find direct clients? Read the next post!

How To Become A Virtual Assistant Part 4

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Part 2

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Part 2

After identifying the potential project, you want to check how your direct competitors present their services to the market. Determining them may help how to better position you among the rest.

Let’s proceed to the next steps!

Using again your identified skills, go to Upwork, then place again the skill. From there you will see the list of freelancers who have the same skills as yours.

Go over each of the top-rated Upwork Freelancer, consolidate and observe how they presented their profile in a spreadsheet by identifying their title/brand, skills, overview and the hourly rate. Using this data, it will give you an idea on how to better enhance your profile and the skills you want to add to your skill set.




One of the commonly asked questions is how much to charge for your VA service. As a newbie, should I charge low or high? Pricing the services will depend on your goal and on your skills. In my end, I begin it by setting a goal on how much I want to earn, and then from there, I set a target hourly rate and minimum rate.

  1. Set an annual target income

If I want to earn Php30, 000/month, that would be Php360, 000.00 for the whole year.

  1. Consider  the Expenses and Overhead

Expenses and Overhead are equivalent to the sum of Cost of Doing Business and Cost of Living.

Cost of Doing Business is the expenses incurred to generate revenue for the business. This may include but not limited to internet, laptop, electric bill, tax, domain registration, web hosting and seminar and workshops. Set the estimated amount you may incur for a year.



Cost of Living, on the other hand, is the cost needed to sustain a certain level of living. This may include but not limited to health care, SSS, PAGIBIG, and Philhealth.



Once expenses and overhead are determined, add this one to the target annual income and label it as Adjusted Annual Income. 

In setting up the rate, we also need to identify the following factors :

Working Hours Per Year - How many hours you want to spend on your VA career. Is it 10, 15 or 20 hours per week? For example, I only want to spend 20 hours per week and that is a total of 1040 hours annually.

Off Hours Per Year -  I am fully aware that I do not get any benefits like Sick leave or vacation leave but that doesn't stop me from setting my own benefit:).  So I set my vacation leave, sick leave and even holidays!

Non-Billable Hours Per Year - For that total working hour per year, set aside a percentage of hours allotted for your job application.

Target Hourly Rate - is the aspired rate so you can get your target financial goal in an x amount of hours.



Set your desired hours allocation.



We got the relevant factors, now it's time to compute the target hourly rate!



In this sample computation, if I want to earn at least Php30,000 for 20 hours per week, then I need to charge for at least $13/hour. I use this target rate as my reference of rate negotiation,  like, I set a minimum rate of $10/hour.

Ok, so are you ready? Go, set your hourly rate now! If done, check it on the next blog post below.

How To Become a Virtual Assistant

How To Become a Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of home-based opportunities that we can do to start earning money from the comfort of our homes; one of which is to become a virtual assistant. According to Wikipedia, a virtual assistant is "generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office".

Sounds interesting? Ready to know more about how you can get started? Let's start with the first 3 steps that I want you to take action now.


What are you good at? Start something on your work experience. Or it could be something that you are passionate about. Is it writing? Is it graphics designing?


Go to (there is no need to register) and check if there are projects that matched your current skill. Click on Find Jobs and input your skill.


CONSOLIDATE & OBSERVE Compile the researched job post through an excel spreadsheet.  



  As you go over the list, this should give you an idea of what specific project is waiting for you. In doing so, it will also give you more ideas on what skill you need to pursue that might help you in the online freelancing journey. If you feel that your skill seems not in after looking for around 100 job post, feel free to schedule a 1-hour consultation and let's talk about it. Schedule your free 1-hour HERE . If you seriously followed the steps, that's great! Follow more steps here:  How To Become a Virtual Assistant .

Is Working from Home Right For You?

Is Working from Home Right For You?

Working from home can be fun and awesome because of the benefit it offers. It can be a dream for many mothers but the reality, it is not for everyone. Deciding whether this is good for you or not requires you to thoroughly  check  things. There are some pros and cons to  consider first before jumping into this innovative way of working things. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


1. Flexibility

   You are not bound to an 8 to 5 regular schedule. You can choose any day and time to work according to your needs.

2. Less Expense

    Working from home does not cost much since you do not need to buy formal clothes and spend on travel and food       expenses.

3. Independence

    If you work from home, you are your own boss. You will set your own deadlines and you work according to your         convenience.

4. Enormous Opportunities

    You can make money online in many ways and options. Internet is full of opportunities, you only need to grab             something which fits    your personality and interest.


 1. Distractions

     All of the distractions at home can make it difficult to concentrate on the work. Other distractions may include            household chores such as laundry, dishes or even watching television. There's one more thing your kids can also         be a distraction :). 

2. Health Care Benefits

    Working at home often means working as an independent contractor, which means you are not an employee of the     company. And normally, health care benefits are not being offered.

3. Government Benefits

    There is no SSS and Philhealth shared contributions as such that will have to come out from your own pocket.

4. Isolation

    Anyone who worked from the corporate world becomes accustomed to talking with co-workers , discussing work         and even personal life. But when you work at home, you will lack this social interaction. However, for some it is           replaced by chatting with other people who also work at home. For some, the isolation may result in a mild                 depression that at the end they will choose to be in an office environment.

Now that you know its pros and cons, assess what type of person you are, how you work best and present your situation to turn its disadvantage beneficial to you. So, is working  working from home right for you? Then, good luck on this journey. Yes, there maybe challenges but it is worth pursuing if you think of the reason why you are doing it!

Work From Home Opportunities

Work From Home Opportunities

“I want to spend more time with my kids! But I just can’t do it because of work. How sad it is, they are already asleep when I arrived from work!” “Now I am stuck in this traffic!” “My housemaid left, who’s going to take care of my kids?  I have still work to attend!” Does it sound familiar? These are common problems encountered by moms having their regular day jobs.  Every mother is looking for a better option to address such concern, exercise freedom without compromising the family’s income. Well, here is good news for you! Did you know that working at home is a good opportunity of addressing those needs? Eager to start immediately? But wait, don’t get too much excited as it pays to think first before getting into this opportunity. Before you decide to pursue for a work at home career, it is important to consider these 2 questions: 1.  Is working at home for you? Do you want to spend more time with kids? Do you want to have more freedom? Are you keen on learning new things? You like challenges? Are you disciplined and self-motivated? If all of your answer says, “YES”, congratulations working at home can be a great opportunity for you. 2.  How do you want to create an income at home? Working at home has different opportunities and most of these are generally identified as Online Jobs and Online Business. There are people whom entrepreneurship is at their heart, and looking into an online business is a good opportunity to consider. However, this is not for everyone because it entails investment of time and some amount of money.  But if you want to START EARNING MONEY NOW, then you should consider for an online job.   Where to Find Online Jobs There are several job marketplaces that offer freelance jobs, such as article writing, graphics designing, web development, SEO and other business support services. The most common job platforms are:,,,,, and Among the list, I personally recommend This has been my source of income for almost 5 years and has continued to help me experience the best things in life. The great joy of being a mother, enjoying the freedom of flexibility and has made the best out of me. I hope that this leads you to the right path and right decision on what is the best thing for you on pursuing for a work at home career. Step up with your decision and find the best niche for you.