Image Annotation Online Jobs

Image Annotation Online Jobs


Do you want to take a boring and routinary online job yet provides a decent income ( depending of course with the company provider)? Try exploring image annotation online jobs. By the way, I am not an image annotator but my husband is. Personally, I don't like it for myself but I believe it is worth exploring if your primary goal is to earn extra income from home. If that is your goal, let me help you take to the world of image annotation online jobs.

How did we start with image annotation?

We came to know about image annotation through a micro job platform called Remotasks. Out of curiosity, my husband tried and see if it really works.

When you join the micro job platform, there is no interview but you need to take some training and pass the test in order to get jobs on the platform. Here are some of the training provided:

  • 2D Box Annotation
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation
  • Polygon Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Lidar

He passed the test and yes he was given with tasks, payout in this platform is every Tuesday. Unfortunately, the payout is not worth your time spent working on the tasks. 

Given that lower rate, I still encouraged him to proceed with it and keep on learning about those skills. What's the best thing? Remotasks offered a free 10-day in-person training program. The boot camp was offered in Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Manila.

Why did I encourage him to proceed to learn and acquire skills about image annotation? It's because I observe that image annotation online jobs are growing in the Upwork platform. I've seen around a hundred plus of annotation jobs in Upwork and I've thought that it is a very interesting industry to try.  With the 10 days training, it was worth it because it paved the way of him being hired in Upwork as Image Annotator for Data Labeling with a great compensation working for a flexible 8 hours per day.

Well, that's history. With regards to the task, I've mentioned that I've found it boring. Check the video below. It's as simple as that. Yes, it works with mobile but still, a computer or laptop is the best for it.

Before I forgot, let's talk about  Annotation! Annotation means to label a given data like image and video. This task is applied in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning field for the purpose of training machines.  It's a fact that some companies now are pursuing artificial intelligence and I believe this industry will continuously grow as such demand for image annotators may also rise.

What's in it for you now? Well, if you want to pursue as an image annotator, here are some steps that might help you:

1. Get free training from remotasks and be equipped with annotation skills. Sign Up HERE.

2.  Once you are equipped with the training start using it to find image annotation jobs through job platforms or to even direct companies or use it in remotasks itself. My husband was able to get it through Upwork and for sure you will get one also. Just be patient.

I hope this gives you an idea! Simply take action and reap the result of your action.

P.S. I am not offering image annotation jobs. I am only sharing our experience but who knows maybe in the future we can become an image annotation service provider.

SEO Career for Moms

SEO Career for Moms

Are you thinking about what type of jobs that you can start as a work at home mom? It should be base on your current skills. But, if you want to explore what’s on the market, SEO is an option. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share about SEO Career for Moms in FHMOms Community. Check the webinar session HERE . If you wish to receive a copy of the presentation, please get in touch with me at Listed below are the questions raised during the webinar. I hope that this will help you kick-start your SEO Career journey.

Keyword Research

#1 How to come up with blog topics in a specific niche using keyword research ?

Begin with this simple process. Start with the SEED or ROOT Keyword for that specific niche. For example, you want the niche on Public Speaking.

  1. Go to Google Trends , input the seed keyword and set the target location.

2. Take the top keywords from Google Trend and load it in Google Keyword Planner.

3. Choose keywords with high volume, medium or  low competition. Load it in . Check the keyword ranking probability.  If it has at least 60% that can be a good indicator.

4.  For the content idea, check and input the selected keyword. You can find a list of questions regarding that keyword.

#2  Which is better in choosing the right keyword? Higher Competition Low Search Volume or Higher   Search Volume Low Competition

Higher Search Volume, Low Competition is better

#3 Is SEO required for content marketing?

 Yes. SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website to help generate traffic. It focused on the needs and requirements of the search engine. Content Marketing is all about creating and distributing content to the human audience. SEO and content marketing should be in tandem.

Meta Description

# 1 How To Create Good Meta Description

Please check these resources: and

Website Audit

#1 Do you need backend access on website audit?

It depends on the scope of the report you will provide. But it works even without backend access.

# 2 Tools For SEO Audit

  • Website Auditor
  • ScreamingFrog
  • Alexa
  • Semrush
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

# 3 Guidelines for SEO Audit

My reference are coming from SEO experts and companies like Neil Patel, Kaiser Sage, Sean Si, Moz, SEMRush and Search Engine Watch.

General Question

# 1 Would SEO be alright for someone who has very little home-based experience or totally has no experience?

Yes. There are some SEO tasks which you can explore on like Blog Comment, Forum Post, Guest Blogging, Resource Link Building, and Broken Link Building. You don’t need to be techy to perform these tasks. What it requires is your ability to follow instructions. At the same time, marketing experience is not required to learn SEO.

Yes, SEO can be overwhelming but don't let it stop you from learning about SEO. Start with a simple task, perform hands-on experience and get started with an SEO Career.

Why Do You Want to Work From Home

Why Do You Want to Work From Home

Giving up the corporate the life and choose to become a work from home mom is not an easy decision. No fixed income, no benefits yet I overlooked that because of my BIG WHY. Yes, for every decision, the big why always comes along. So, why do I want to work from home?

I work from home because I want to spend quantity time with my family. Quantity time is always equal to quality time. During my corporate life, I woke up 4 am, stuck in traffic and arrived late in the evening and all I see is my son who is asleep.

All those years, I realized that I live my life according to the urgency and not on my priorities.  I missed some milestone of my son’s life. I missed the experience to be near with my parents while raising my children.



I missed my mom so much. The last time I spent with her was when she was sick. She was sick for around  3 to 4 months and got to spend it with her for a month within that time frame. My longest time with her was when the time when her health was deteriorating. Until one day, she can no longer talk and was in comatose for two days.

During that day, my father asked me to immediately come home.  He told me that when he informed my mom that I will be going home, her breathing becomes faster.

June 29,2015, that was the longest travel time in my whole life. I arrived at our home (in the province) around 11:05 PM. I saw my mom lying on the bed, so thin, so pale, the white portion of her eyes surface and with faster breathing. I hugged her, hold her hand but no tears at all, and said, “Ma, gising ka na, andito na ang paborito mong anak.” There was no response, not even a single movement except for her fast breathing. I continued to hug her, talked to her hoping that she will at least respond, but no response.

Finally. I let go and told her, “Ma, if you want to go, it’s okay now, you can leave. If pagod ka na talaga, you can go, we will be okay.” No response but her fast breathing.  A few minutes passed by, we were shocked, she opened her eyes, raised her hand. My father reached out for her hand, my sister who is also beside her, take a step back . I was not able to move and I saw saliva coming out and her last breath  fading.

Time with my family is very important to me. I no longer want to give what is left from me, but what is the best of me. I no longer want to live life according to urgencies but of priority.  The best investment that I can make today is spending quantity time with my family. This is what a home-based career offers me, the freedom to choose my time according to my priority.

How about you? Why do you want to work from home? I would love to hear your story as well!

How To Avoid Work From Home Scams

How To Avoid Work From Home Scams

The approval of work from home bill, also known as Telecommuting Act gives more interest to Filipinos on how to start working from home. There is an average of 1k to 10k google searches for “work from home”, “work from home jobs”, 1k to 10k, and “online jobs”, 10k to 100k. Work from home opportunities pops up! You get excited and ended shelling out money to invest. Sometimes you work for a month and ended up not paid. These are common experience a newbie like you may get into. As such, learn how to avoid work from home scams!

Common Signs of Work from Home Scams

Here are some of the red flags that you have to take note of:

  • They asked you for a fee. You should never pay money.
  • Using your personal account to execute a transaction in behalf of the client. The most popular of it is renting your Facebook account in exchange of cash or free laptops. Here’s an article from, check it HERE.
  • They make these big promises for an easy task and you get a big amount of money.
  • Chat or video interview scams. During the interview, you are asked to provide sensitive information like bank accounts. Once you will give the information, the scammer will misuse this info for some fraudulent activities.

Basic investigation to find out if it is a scam or not:

Analyze the situation. Did they approach you? What are they promising? Too good to be true?

Search the company in Google. Go through the pages if there are links that show if it is a scam or legit.

Check the company name using some tools like or These sites provide information company reviews and latest scam information.

Check the company website.

Find out who is behind the website. How long has the website been active? Check; it displays activation date and registrants name.
Do they have contact info on the website? Do they have links to social media? Are there social media activities updated? If there is none, that should give you a hint whether it worth trusting or not.

Getting excited and eager to get your first online job is great but don’t let emotions fall you into it. Be aware of risky opportunities. Use your common sense. Do your research and trust your gut.

SEO Jobs Work At Home Moms Can Get Started Easily

SEO Jobs Work At Home Moms Can Get Started Easily

Learning SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) can be hard, confusing and overwhelming but there is no reason  you cannot learn  if you really take into your heart to learn anything you want to know.

"If you love to read, you can learn anything you really want to know.- Zig Ziglar".

Yes, it can be overwhelming but the good news is you can make it one step at a time, one job at time.

I started doing SEO jobs way back Y2009 but I really don't understand the whole picture of doing the task but as I was exposed more on the job, I learned that it was part of an SEO campaign strategies.

Here's a list of SEO jobs work at home moms can get started easily :

1.Forum Posting / Management

The first SEO job was for me to register and participate in Forums.The objective of the task was to  join in the forum conversation , build conversation and finally get a signature link, just like the image below.

paid forum poosting


2. Social Bookmark  Creation

The task was to register on social bookmark accounts and then post a short description about the website. Example of social bookmarking sites are and Mind you, I was able to get an hourly rate of $7.78/hour for that social bookmark publishing work.


forum posting


Easy jobs, right? Unfortunately, these are old SEO strategies but some are still using it. Visit, enter those keywords and you might encounter these type of job.

Learning SEO is fun and I never stop learning even at this point while writing this post 🙂  .  Reading alone is not enough, I ensure to implement what I learned and I really invest on it. I invest on setting up my websites for case studies and I invest my time in learning more about SEO. Truly, it is worth investing as I was able to get higher rates  and different type of SEO jobs.

Here's other SEO jobs :

3. Keyword Research & Analysis

4. Link Building

5. Website Audit

6. Competition Analysis

7. Content Audit


blog outreaching



SEO Job Type



SEO Job Type

keyword research


Indeed SEO can be overwhelming but the best thing you can actually get started with a few and simple tasks.

If you want to explore more about these opportunities, on June 30, 2018, I will be sharing primarily about Keyword Research and Analysis and Link Building ( Guest Post, Resource Link Building and Broken Link Building) as your ticket to starting an SEO Career.

Invest on Yourself, Invest for an SEO Training, Register HERE.