You may have wanted to know how to create a blog but for some reason, you haven’t get started. Probably because you don’t have the time or maybe you always think there is still time or maybe you are just too lazy to do it. Oops, wait, you are not alone, that’s actually me, I always think but I really never do it.

How To Create A Blog

Importance of Blog

Until I realized how important a blog is for my business and as a freelancer. Learning how to create a blog gives  me the following benefit :

  • There is proof that I can showcase to my clients.
  • While learning the process, it gives me an opportunity to make this one as another way to earn money online as an Affiliate Marketer

Let me take you on my journey of creating an affiliate website where I can share with you how I can monetize a website in 3 different ways.  Are you ready to take a journey with me? Then let’s get the ball rolling.

What are the things needed to create a blog?

We need a domain name and website hosting. A  domain name is an address you type into the browser, such as or A website hosting is a space or the physical location where you store your website files.

Domain Name and Hosting

Where to buy domain name and hosting?

how to create a blog

The most popular provider is,, or However, if you want to support a local hosting provider, feel free to check, it’s my new baby 🙂 . 

Let’s do it now. Let’s make it one a step at a time. Remember, “you don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

Do you still want to know more about what are the next steps? Post your question at the Courageous Wahms Community, HERE.