Giving up the corporate the life and choose to become a work from home mom is not an easy decision. No fixed income, no benefits yet I overlooked that because of my BIG WHY. Yes, for every decision, the big why always comes along. So, why do I want to work from home?

I work from home because I want to spend quantity time with my family. Quantity time is always equal to quality time. During my corporate life, I woke up 4 am, stuck in traffic and arrived late in the evening and all I see is my son who is asleep.

All those years, I realized that I live my life according to the urgency and not on my priorities.  I missed some milestone of my son’s life. I missed the experience to be near with my parents while raising my children.



I missed my mom so much. The last time I spent with her was when she was sick. She was sick for around  3 to 4 months and got to spend it with her for a month within that time frame. My longest time with her was when the time when her health was deteriorating. Until one day, she can no longer talk and was in comatose for two days.

During that day, my father asked me to immediately come home.  He told me that when he informed my mom that I will be going home, her breathing becomes faster.

June 29,2015, that was the longest travel time in my whole life. I arrived at our home (in the province) around 11:05 PM. I saw my mom lying on the bed, so thin, so pale, the white portion of her eyes surface and with faster breathing. I hugged her, hold her hand but no tears at all, and said, “Ma, gising ka na, andito na ang paborito mong anak.” There was no response, not even a single movement except for her fast breathing. I continued to hug her, talked to her hoping that she will at least respond, but no response.

Finally. I let go and told her, “Ma, if you want to go, it’s okay now, you can leave. If pagod ka na talaga, you can go, we will be okay.” No response but her fast breathing.  A few minutes passed by, we were shocked, she opened her eyes, raised her hand. My father reached out for her hand, my sister who is also beside her, take a step back . I was not able to move and I saw saliva coming out and her last breath  fading.

Time with my family is very important to me. I no longer want to give what is left from me, but what is the best of me. I no longer want to live life according to urgencies but of priority.  The best investment that I can make today is spending quantity time with my family. This is what a home-based career offers me, the freedom to choose my time according to my priority.

How about you? Why do you want to work from home? I would love to hear your story as well!