How To Become A Virtual Assistant Part 3

Payment Method Options


Enjoying the first virtual assistant salary is the happiest result of hard work. Withdrawing your hard-earned payout from your freelancing job is one of the things that we are looking for as freelancers. Why not? We get to receive the fruits of labor, and we get to spend it with people dear to us! But what are some of the payment gateway that you can use in withdrawing your money?


First in the list is Payoneer, a global payment solutions that is already on it’s 12th year, in fact I am happy to be a Payoneer user for 10 years. It allows you to receive your payment through online banking transfer or if you wish, you can also use it for online shopping! Isn’t amazing? You can now receive your payments from all over the world without worrying about how to get it because you can do it in varied ways. Plus, it is also a safe gateway all in all.

The second in the list is Paypal, the top payment gateway for all the freelancers in the world. Just like Payoneer, you can also withdraw your payments through bank or ATM,


The third and the last on my list is withdrawing payment through local bank transfer if you are using Upwork platform.


Building your Virtual Assistant (VA) Profile


The greatest secret in building your VA profile is by making sure that you put all your skills which you think are necessary for a virtual assistant job. Skills like organizational skills, keen to details, prompt to schedule, communication skills, fluency and accuracy in working on documents, and the likes. Remember that clients would like to get to know you and what you are capable of doing because they would like to be sure that they are hiring the right person that they need for their job. So, putting all your desirable skills and other pleasant things about you will more likely sell like hotcakes to the clients.

Don’t forgot to add portfolio, platforms such as Upwork allows you to add it.


Two Ways to Get a Client


There are two ways on how you can get a client in the Freelancing world. First is through a job marketplace acquisition while the second one is through the direct client acquisition. The first one entails you signing up for a specific website and doing a complete profile. After that, you will have to go through different job posts and do your best to send an application and eventually once you are considered as one of the applicants, do an interview. The catch is, the site will be the one to receive and release the payment for you because they are the one managing the site and they get to earn by making job deals. So more or less, a percentage of your payment will go to the website, and another portion is by sending the payment through your preferred method. It is also a safe way of getting a client since the payment will be done and will be on an escrow (hold period) before you start doing your job.

The second type is through direct client acquisition where you will personally look for clients online through job posting websites. You will have to apply and negotiate on your own, and the site does not necessarily take a percentage from your earnings. The client will send the payment to you directly, and the agreement about the job will be between the two of you. The catch in this way is that there is no guarantee that the client will send the payment once you are done in the task since there is no such thing as escrow or hold period while you are doing the job.

Do you want to know where to find direct clients? Read the next post!

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