How To Earn As A VA Part 4


Finding a direct client is one of the most exciting and at the same time something that will challenge you as a Virtual Assistant. This is because you have to do everything on your own, and in return, you will get to receive a higher payment since there would be no third-party website to do the work deal for you. You might be wondering now, where can I possibly find a direct client.

1.  Referrals

You may ask your friends or people that you previously knew if they know someone who is currently looking for a helping hand online. You never know, maybe a common friend is what you are ideally looking for as an online client.

2. Free Job Platforms

There are job marketplaces that will not get any centavo from you as they offer a different business model.  The most popular platform is It’s a platform for Filipino applicants only and the clients pays the platform by subscription so they can get access to database of applicants. Here’s one thing to remember, getting direct client has the risk of not getting paid but you just have to take precautionary measures to prevent of not getting paid.

3. Social Media Networks 

    Joining Facebook, Linkedin groups and Forums are other ways to acquire direct client. There are job threads posted on sites that you can get accessed to.

4. Online Marketing Strategy 

    Implementing online marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media Marketing  and Advertisements can also be helpful when generating leads for your virtual assistance services.


At times, online freelancers fail to land a job because they come up with “undesirable” cover letter. It is either the client finds the message too boastful or too dull. So how are you going to do it?

Keep it short. There is no need for you to say a lot of unnecessary things just for you to look knowledgeable or worthy of the job. Just keep it formal short, and simple.

Next thing to note is that keep your tone formal. Yes, I understand that you would like to look cheerful and positive through writing. But there is a line that separate professionalism and the personality of being cheerful. So, keep it professional by being formal in tone.

Introduce yourself, be direct to the point by stating your objective in writing, give a brief yet informative details about your field of expertise, and say thank you. That’s it! No more, no less.


If you do not have your website to hold your entire portfolio, an online file box will do to organize your portfolio. You may make use of Dropbox or Google Drive or any other online file storage. The key here is to make your files organized. For example, come up with a specific folder that contains all the spreadsheets that you had, another table for letters, and another table for other clerical jobs you have done in the past. Rename the files correctly so that the client can quickly go over your data and see the quality of your work.

Just note that in doing this, the files that you are going to include are those that you have rights over and not those that belong to the previous companies you’ve worked for if there are any. Organize your files, create a share link, and send it to the client and showcase what you got.

Ready to become a Virtual Assistant?  Go, explore and enjoy the journey of becoming a virtual assistant.

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