Getting rejected is part of our lives but dealing with rejection is what matters most. Move On Fast is the only choice I’ve got to overcome rejection and that no matter what come my way, I will never give up until I achieve my goal of  helping my client earn with affiliate marketing. I received a message from Amazon that my client’s Amazon Associate Program is rejected.   dealing with rejection   Yes, it hurts a lot.  I’ve been working on this project for the last 7 months, unfortunately, things did not work out the way I wanted to happen. Getting rejected is very discouraging and disappointing especially if you already invest a big amount of money and will just end of nothing. What’s more disappointing is just because you were not able to get at least 3  affiliate sales you will be rejected. But there’s nothing that I can do because that’s how the affiliate program works. Sad, right? But that’s okay, it’s a normal thing, we all go through this season of life.  I have been rejected so many times, I have been rejected with my job applications, even rejected in doing link building tasks and so many to mention :). As I look back on my rejections, here are the things I did when dealing with rejection.
  1. I ACCEPT. Yes, I was hurt but there’s nothing that I can do. Acceptance is the best way for  me to get over with the feeling. I get over the hurt feeling and move one.
  2. I REFLECT. I ask myself why I did not achieve the goal. What went wrong.
  3. I IMPROVE. After identifying the areas that needs to work on, I make sure to improve and immediately implement new learnings because I don’t want to achieve the same results.
How about you ? Lately, were you rejected with your job applications? Or perhaps, you were rejected by Upwork? Hey, that’s okay, what matter most is on how you respond to rejection. If you are rejected by Upwork, that’s okay, you can always try other platform. There’s a lot of platform like,,, and’s still a lot and you just have to explore. Or perhaps, you have sent so many job applications yet no one even shortlisted you? That’s okay, you can always improve on it. Maybe you have to work out on how you present your cover letter, or perhaps, acquire more skills or perhaps send more applications until you hit the goal. Fighting 🙂   P.S. Care to share this blog post with your friends?