Dealing With Rejection!Move On Fast

Dealing With Rejection!Move On Fast

Getting rejected is part of our lives but dealing with rejection is what matters most. Move On Fast is the only choice I’ve got to overcome rejection and that no matter what come my way, I will never give up until I achieve my goal of  helping my client earn with affiliate marketing. I received a message from Amazon that my client’s Amazon Associate Program is rejected.   dealing with rejection   Yes, it hurts a lot.  I’ve been working on this project for the last 7 months, unfortunately, things did not work out the way I wanted to happen. Getting rejected is very discouraging and disappointing especially if you already invest a big amount of money and will just end of nothing. What’s more disappointing is just because you were not able to get at least 3  affiliate sales you will be rejected. But there’s nothing that I can do because that’s how the affiliate program works. Sad, right? But that’s okay, it’s a normal thing, we all go through this season of life.  I have been rejected so many times, I have been rejected with my job applications, even rejected in doing link building tasks and so many to mention :). As I look back on my rejections, here are the things I did when dealing with rejection.
  1. I ACCEPT. Yes, I was hurt but there’s nothing that I can do. Acceptance is the best way for  me to get over with the feeling. I get over the hurt feeling and move one.
  2. I REFLECT. I ask myself why I did not achieve the goal. What went wrong.
  3. I IMPROVE. After identifying the areas that needs to work on, I make sure to improve and immediately implement new learnings because I don’t want to achieve the same results.
How about you ? Lately, were you rejected with your job applications? Or perhaps, you were rejected by Upwork? Hey, that’s okay, what matter most is on how you respond to rejection. If you are rejected by Upwork, that’s okay, you can always try other platform. There’s a lot of platform like,,, and’s still a lot and you just have to explore. Or perhaps, you have sent so many job applications yet no one even shortlisted you? That’s okay, you can always improve on it. Maybe you have to work out on how you present your cover letter, or perhaps, acquire more skills or perhaps send more applications until you hit the goal. Fighting 🙂   P.S. Care to share this blog post with your friends?    
What To Do When You Lose Freelance Work

What To Do When You Lose Freelance Work

It’s almost one month when I lost my client and yes it is stressful because you don’t know how you are going to make your ends meet. At times, I feel down and lost but wait I know for a fact that clients come and go for different reasons so what am  I fussing about!

Freelancing always comes with a huge risk especially if you go for it full-time. Okay, so what do you do if it actually happens to you? Here’s what  I did:


Umiyak ka lang. It’s normal to get hurt, to panic but don’t let it get your way. PRAY to God to give you more strength and ask to accept things the way it is. Sometimes you may feel sorry for yourself. Sometimes, you cannot accept it.I guess it’s because pride is in my heart and with the wrong mindset that I’ve been in the industry for so long and have great skills to use so why should I lost projects. But in reality, it’s not really about your tenure and skills. Accept the reality that at some point in our lives we will be tested. Accept the fact that we are not in control.

Once you accept it, get over yourself and think about God’s promise that he will never leave us nor forsake us. God is in control.


Keep on applying for more projects. I expanded my job marketplaces to other platforms like and



Since I have a lot of free time, I  work on my personal website. See, I am writing a new blog post :). I am busy working on my  2 blogs and working as well on my affiliate marketing project.


Volunteer for some projects that will help you create a portfolio and can offer you for x-deal opportunities. It could also be a great way to expand your network. Right now, I am working on a website of a professional host and wedding event coordinator in exchange for referrals and promotion to her own network.


Don’t be shy to reach out to your network and see if there is anyone who could help. They could refer you for projects and put in a good word for you. Who is this network? These are the people you have a personal connection with on your freelancing journey.

Yes, we may lose clients but let us think of it as an opportunity in some way. An opportunity that will help us improve on the way see things in life and the better way to manage our freelancing career.

In this season, I am reminded that :

  • God loves me so much not to disrupt me.
  • God shakes me up from familiarity so I will seek him more.
  • The rejection I got was drawing me closer to God so I can totally depend on him.

There is the pain, there is heaviness, the desire to quit but don’t be discouraged. Keep on moving! We will soon land again with a new project.



How about you?  What do you do when you lose a freelancing work?