Is Working from Home Right For You?

Is Working from Home Right For You?

Working from home can be fun and awesome because of the benefit it offers. It can be a dream for many mothers but the reality, it is not for everyone. Deciding whether this is good for you or not requires you to thoroughly  check  things. There are some pros and cons to  consider first before jumping into this innovative way of working things. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


1. Flexibility

   You are not bound to an 8 to 5 regular schedule. You can choose any day and time to work according to your needs.

2. Less Expense

    Working from home does not cost much since you do not need to buy formal clothes and spend on travel and food       expenses.

3. Independence

    If you work from home, you are your own boss. You will set your own deadlines and you work according to your         convenience.

4. Enormous Opportunities

    You can make money online in many ways and options. Internet is full of opportunities, you only need to grab             something which fits    your personality and interest.


 1. Distractions

     All of the distractions at home can make it difficult to concentrate on the work. Other distractions may include            household chores such as laundry, dishes or even watching television. There's one more thing your kids can also         be a distraction :). 

2. Health Care Benefits

    Working at home often means working as an independent contractor, which means you are not an employee of the     company. And normally, health care benefits are not being offered.

3. Government Benefits

    There is no SSS and Philhealth shared contributions as such that will have to come out from your own pocket.

4. Isolation

    Anyone who worked from the corporate world becomes accustomed to talking with co-workers , discussing work         and even personal life. But when you work at home, you will lack this social interaction. However, for some it is           replaced by chatting with other people who also work at home. For some, the isolation may result in a mild                 depression that at the end they will choose to be in an office environment.

Now that you know its pros and cons, assess what type of person you are, how you work best and present your situation to turn its disadvantage beneficial to you. So, is working  working from home right for you? Then, good luck on this journey. Yes, there maybe challenges but it is worth pursuing if you think of the reason why you are doing it!

Celebrating 7th Year of Working from Home

Celebrating 7th Year of Working from Home

Wow, time flies so fast! On August 23, 2015,  it's going to be my 7th year of working from home through Upwork (Formerly Odesk) . I wonder how I survived all these years working on my own without any company benefits :).  With these 7 years, good memories  I have with Upwork are  worth sharing for !



odesk-2I was part of the first ever Odesk (now Upwork) Meet and Greet and was one of  those who presented  Odesk Experience. There were 70 contractors who volunteered  and was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the presentors.  Here is the highlight of my presentation:

” I would rather start my presentation with why I love Odesk very much ! It is because Odesk created a significant impact in my life. For 3 years, Odesk provided me benefits and has been an instrument of the following aspects:


Having a better income from which I was not able to make it working for 9 years in the corporate world as Fraud and Risk Analyst.


An opportunity to take care of my kids


The mindset of not just being an employee but an entrepreneur.

Builds Relationship

My client and I became friends. We have been working together for 2 years and 1 month now.

The Value of Sharing

It has given me an opportunity to be a channel of blessing for some people. The blessing did not end with me, it goes beyond to my relatives when I shared it with them. We are 1 big happy family in Odesk, my husband, my sister, cousins, my aunt and even my 57 years old mother had a chance to get a job.


It opened doors for my mother who knows nothing about computers but because of her interest she finally learned how to use a computer. I am truly blessed because I have a client who is very kind to give my mom a job.

The Value of Helping Other People

In my small little way, I was able to offer a “small” job for new Odesk members.

Skill Building

Odesk somehow helped me develop my writing skills. ? I track everything how Odesk contributed for me to have a better life at


It is a fact that working online will not give you stability but no worries at all because our security relies in GOD alone. The weapon that I live with to achieve success is through Living and walking LIFE together with GOD.

Faith in God


Thank you very much Odesk and may you continue to open doors of opportunity and make a big impact on someone’s life.


Just having some fun with fellow  Odesk Freelancers.



Appreciation 3



Had the opportunity to take photo with Mollie Carter, Director of Customer Marketing

Appreciation 2

Working with  Upwork has always been a blessing and it is worth sharing that Upwork created a big impact in my life. Thank you Upwork for this innovative way of working from home.