It all began with an invitation from a dear friend. She introduced me to a remarkable initiative that’s shaping the future of freelancers in the Philippines – FOPSCO, the Filipino Online Professional Service Cooperative.


Who is FOPSCO?

FOPSCO brings together a diverse group of individuals from across our beautiful islands, including:

  • Trainers

  • Online Professionals

  • ESL Tutors

  • Agency Owners

  • Rural BPO Owners

We share a common bond – our deep admiration for the RISTT program. Witnessing the transformative power of this program and recognizing the need for support within our industry, we’ve joined hands to give back and uplift the very ecosystem that brought us here.

The Vision

FOPSCO’s vision is bold and clear – to be the leading national cooperative that empowers Filipinos to excel in the digital landscape.

The Mission

The mission is powerful – to help our fellow Filipinos achieve sustainable livelihoods in the online workspace through continuous education, mentoring, and empowerment.

Core Values

At FOPSCO, the core values spell out FOPSCOO, representing the unwavering commitment to the mission:

  • F: Follower

  • O: Objective

  • P: Professional

  • S: Supportive

  • C: Committed

  • O: Organized

As a member of this cooperative, I wholeheartedly embrace these values in everything I do.

Member Benefits My journey with FOPSCO has been nothing short of transformative.

Here are some of the member benefits we can see in the future as it is slowly growing

  • Dividends
  • Work with FOPSCo’s Client
  • Training
  • Support Group
  • Referral Program Incentives:

    Personal Success Story

    Thanks to FOPSCO, I’ve achieved remarkable growth as a Course Developer and Digital Trainer.

    I seized a training opportunity to become a trainer for  Data Annotation for Beginners in  Aroroy, Masbate.

    Through the FOPSCO network, I received referrals for SEO projects, and  I had the privilege of being a Resource Person at an event organized by DTI.

    I was honored to be selected as a trainer for the training of trainers for South Korea, showcasing our expertise on an international platform.

    FOPSCO Training of Trainers

    But I’ve come to realize that as a member, my ACTIVE PARTICIPATION is the KEY. My success is linked to the cooperative’s growth, and together, we rise.

    I invite you to join me on this incredible adventure with FOPSCO as Co-owners. Together, let’s shape a brighter, more prosperous future for Filipino freelancers.

    Ready to embark on this exciting journey?

    Sign up today and be part of something extraordinary!