What To Do When Your Faith is Being Tested

What To Do When Your Faith is Being Tested

It's already 33 days with no freelance project! With consistent applications, lowered the rate and even shortlisted, still, no project closed. If I think about it, I have qualified skills and have a lot of value to offer to clients, but at this moment there are no projects coming.

As we go through this season, a new trial comes in, my mother-in-law is fighting for her life. Oh, how she loves to sleep; she has been sleeping for  5 days.

Facing trials can be frustrating, tiring, painful and we tend to ask "Why Lord", we tend to ask for answers. But in this moment, how should we really respond to such circumstance?

Let me share how I responded to endure the tests and trials through God's grace:

  • I cry out to God to ask for more strength. I know for a fact that trials will help develop my character and that he desires for me to have that strong dependence on him.For me to fully learn how to depend on him and that he alone is the source of my strength.
  • Give thanks. Yes, I still praise God and thankful to him that even in our difficult situation he has never left us. God has given us favours to our day to day living and even provision on my mother-in-law's  hospitalization.  Yes, it may be difficult to give thanks but through his grace, I am still able to say thank you, Lord.
  • I continue to TRUST in HIM. I may not understand the reason behind it but I am still believing in God's goodness.

In this season of our lives, I have a God who is my refuge, a God of Comfort and a God who will not forsake me.

A righteous man may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all. - Psalm 34: 19

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. - Psalm 46: 1

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand. - Isaiah 41:10

In this season of our lives, trials are not meaningless and God will always remind us that he is a big God.

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this God's will for you in Christ Jesus-  1 Thessalonians 5: 18

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. - James 1:2-4

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. - 2 Corinthians 4:17

Be still, and know that I am God. - Psalm 46:10 

My friend, if you are reading this and you are going through something, Cheer up :).  Even when life is difficult, there's always a big reason to smile because of God's love to you and me. His love for us is so great that he sent his son Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Isn't that great?

My Freelancing Story

My Freelancing Story

I am prompted to write my freelancing story because there is $50 waiting for me ! I am not kidding, lol, but more than that,  it's about a changed life. My life changed and I am very thankful that I learned freelancing   8 years ago.


I came to know freelancing industry through Femalenetwork.com.  I saw some post from a group of ladies talking about Odesk (now Upwork).  I was curious and then I  just tried and bingo I hit it, I was so excited that Odesk is paying in $$$$$$.



I registered in Odesk (now Upwork)  on August 23, 2008 and got my first project on October 6, 2008, that's more than a month of applying for jobs.  Guess, what! The test project  was for $5.55 to research and create one Chapter (10 each  ) of Algebra questions and I need to provide the solution. Wait, copying was not allowed 🙂  If I do well, I will be hired for an hourly contract. And yes, after a week, I got my first hourly contract.




I can still remember the feeling when I got hired , I was  so happy, why because I am earning in $$$$. Who wouldn't, right? The bad news, I had no internet and computer from home and with hourly contract  it requires a tracker. What I did was to talk to the owner of a computer shop and ask  if I could have dedicated computer to use  and thank to them I was able to work on that hourly project.  One more thing, I work on it after office hours and that is between 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm and I travel from Ortigas to Imus, Cavite. Can you imagine the difficult times ? But it paid off, finally I was  able to apply for an internet connection and had a used computer ( the one in horizontal model) for Php3000.00.



I thought it's going well after the first one, yes I was hired but I was scammed. I was not paid for $16.67 !  I waited again for more than a month until I got the big break. I had a couple client and work for them for three years.

Contract Details2



After two years of working  part-time, I resigned from the corporate world. Yes, I was brave enough and took the challenge of becoming a full-time work at home mom.  The journey was not easy but the fact that I'm writing  my story today is good  enough to know  that it was worth it.

Eight years is good enough to tell that freelancing rocks. I don't have benefits, no government benefits, health cards, sick and vacation leaves but I survived.


So, after working hard, I deserve to be paid, right 🙂  Payoneer's Prepaid Mastercard has been my partner ever since I started freelancing and that is almost 8 years now. Note:  The charge is higher for the debit card vs local bank withdrawal (connect Payoneer to local bank).




One thing I love most about Payoneer's Prepaid Mastercard  is I can get my funds quickly and even within 30 minutes after it is transferred.




Where am I now? I decided to go beyond freelancing and step out in faith on a different level and still with Payoneer by my side. I'm slowly transitioning as a business owner and on my way of helping create jobs for the countryside through a homegrown BPO.






There's so much to talk but I guess I'll  end it here. 🙂 But if there's something I can help you with, just shoot me an email to jane@janemaghanoy.com and will see what I can do to help you.

Wait, before I forgot, if you wish to use Payoneer, kindly sign up HERE  .









An Interview with Kristine Ohagan

An Interview with Kristine Ohagan

An Interview with Kristine Ohagan

Today, I am featuring a young mom, who despite her young age and an undergraduate is able to make it successful online. Truly, work from home success is all about attitude, skills and knowledge. Be inspired with her story! If she can, you too can do it!


The Wahm Coach:  How long have you been a work at home mom?

I’ve been a work at home mom for 2 years-3 months and counting.


The Wahm Coach: What did you do before you became a work at home mom?

I was once a 4th year college student but due to some important reasons, I stopped studying. From that, I shifted to selling munchkins, barbecue, fried bananas, biscuits and more in order to support my baby who is inside my tummy that time.

The Wahm Coach:  Why did you decide to pursue this path?

I really don’t have an idea on what online work is. I just thought of the fact that this might be my winning streak in life. Without hesitations, I went to internet cafes to read about oDesk(now Upwork). From there, I learned many things which helped me grow as a person. I pursue this path because I knew I can do it. I believe that this opportunity is life-changing and knocks only once. God guided me to where I am now and I am so much thankful to Him for, without Him, I can’t survive this online world that is full of competition and challenges.


The Wahm Coach: Working from home is either getting an online job or having a home-based business. Which path are you now?

I started to find my luck in oDesk. I applied into different jobs and later on, I found out that I can also do online selling while working. I started to balance my time properly specially that my baby was born already. As of now, I am more focused on doing online jobs because this is my heart’s desire. Aside from that, I am very blessed by God because of the opportunities that are coming my way as a freelancer.

The Wahm Coach:  How is business/online jobs so far?

Online jobs really changed my life. I am just a plain young girl yet I am full of dreams. I can’t even afford to buy yummy foods because we’re really poor that time. I am also a product of a broken family and only my grandparents were there for me. I am very much thankful to God because of the amazing opportunities. Online field is really full of surprises. As of now, I was given a chance to be a part of a growing HBPO company here in our place. Despite the fact that I am an undergraduate student, I still stood up and was able to provide the needs of our family. What amazes me more is the fact that I was able to help the poor in my own little way because I am earning more than what I deserve as God’s child.

The Wahm Coach:  Can you tell us how you get started?

My life is full of twists. My father has his family first before me and my mother. We learned about it after 3 years so they didn’t work out. My mother got married to another man and they had 2 sons. My father is with his true family already that is why my grandparents are taking care of me. It’s been a very hard situation for us. I went to school with 10pesos in my pocket. I even cried a lot before because I can’t pay my projects on time. My aunt sent me to college. However, I need to stop because of some important matters. I have a boyfriend that time and his parents sent me to school. We were living together and I got pregnant. I stopped studying and thought of some livelihood projects to raise some funds. We sell munchkins, barbecues, bananas, biscuits and more so that we can save. I remembered my college friend who told me that he is working while studying. I tried to search in the web about oDesk and from there, I learned many things. I borrowed cash from my mother-in-law so that I can avail for a laptop installment. Out of the money that we saved from selling, I was able to avail for internet connection plan. Successfully, in not more than 1 month, I was able to work as a writer in oDesk. I really did my best in whatever I do because my baby, husband, family and God are my inspirations. I want to work because I want to give my son a brighter future. I don’t want him to experience what I’ve been through before. I also want to fulfill my promise to my family that I will do all my best even if I didn’t finish my studies so that they’ll be proud of me. I also want God to be proud of me because I am His child. I also want to help those who are in need even in my own little way. My journey in online work is not really that simple yet it is memorable. I am in my 2 years and 3 months of working online and I must say that I learned a lot from it. I am looking forward to work with my bosses in the many more years to come. By the way, I am just 19 when I started working. I am now 21 years old and I am slowly reaching my dreams not only for me but for my family as well.

The Wahm Coach:   What are the challenges you face as a work at home mom?

As a working mom at home, I really need to set my schedules accordingly specially that I am still breastfeeding my baby. There are pauses in my time while working but I see to it that I am transparent when it comes to my time tracking submission. Aside from that, it is really inevitable to meet bosses that are mad specially if they encountered problems with their business. What I do is to simply understand them and see to it that I met their targets, expectations and deadlines so that I can revive their sadness. Another main challenge that we must face if we’re working at home is the fact that there might be electrical and internet connection interruptions so it is better to have a back-up. I am still planning to buy a generator and hopefully I can pursue it in the following year.

The Wahm Coach:  Any tips for moms who aspires to be a work at home mom?

For those moms out there who aspires to be a work at home mom, just do your best and pray. Everything is possible if you have faith in God. You must persevere, must have determination, and must have organization and passion towards work in order for you to successfully achieve your goals in life.


The Wahm Coach:   How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristineparaderoohagan

LinkedIN: https://ph.linkedin.com/in/kristine-paradero-418559b1

Skype: rockin_lonesome@yahoo.com

Email: kristineparadero06@gmail.com

Phone #: +93-916-9076-382

Journey to Death

My Journey To Death

Today, I take a moment to ponder all that journey to death has taught me.

On June 29,2015, that was the longest day for me as I went home to catch up with my mom who was in a comatose stage. She was 61 and had a  fight with chronic kidney failure and liver cirrhosis. We knew it was coming but have never thought that it was only for 4 months.

I arrived at around 11:50 pm, my mom lying on the bed, catching her breath so fast, so thin, so pale, with her pupil almost gone and just the white part of her eyes. I just closed my eyes and prayed aloud. I hugged her and whispered that I love her and it's okay for her to leave us. Telling things in a manner of a joke was all I did. I need to be brave in front of her because I know she does not want me to cry. No words, no reactions, nothing at all but a hard and catching breathing. On June 30 at around 1:02 am, her eyes suddenly opened, looked up for my father and slowly raised her hand towards my father, saliva coming out and eyes slowly closed.  Having witnessed as she drew her last breath was so painful. My mom is gone and there is nothing that we can do but to face her death.

Being on this 4 months journey with my mom's journey was so difficult. It's a mixture of emotions and even financial struggle. When she was diagnosed with her condition, I know it was difficult for her and struggled with it. During those times, there was nothing that I could do but only see how she suffered and how she was in pain. All I could do was to talk to her, encourage her and make her smile. And most importantly this journey is all about surrendering everything to God.

During this season, there are important lessons I learned in life.

1. Life is too short. Make the most out of it to honor, love and take care our parents no matter how busy we are.

2. God always chooses the best for us. While I want my mom to be alive but it is more painful to see her suffering.

3. Surrender and Being Strong are two big words but we should learn how to fully embrace the real meaning of it.

Thank you, Ma for helping me how to be strong and for teaching the most important lesson. I love you Ma.Just as you said before you die, that I should learn to accept things, be strong and continue to live life the way it is.

Celebrating 7th Year of Working from Home

Celebrating 7th Year of Working from Home

Wow, time flies so fast! On August 23, 2015,  it's going to be my 7th year of working from home through Upwork (Formerly Odesk) . I wonder how I survived all these years working on my own without any company benefits :).  With these 7 years, good memories  I have with Upwork are  worth sharing for !



odesk-2I was part of the first ever Odesk (now Upwork) Meet and Greet and was one of  those who presented  Odesk Experience. There were 70 contractors who volunteered  and was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the presentors.  Here is the highlight of my presentation:

” I would rather start my presentation with why I love Odesk very much ! It is because Odesk created a significant impact in my life. For 3 years, Odesk provided me benefits and has been an instrument of the following aspects:


Having a better income from which I was not able to make it working for 9 years in the corporate world as Fraud and Risk Analyst.


An opportunity to take care of my kids


The mindset of not just being an employee but an entrepreneur.

Builds Relationship

My client and I became friends. We have been working together for 2 years and 1 month now.

The Value of Sharing

It has given me an opportunity to be a channel of blessing for some people. The blessing did not end with me, it goes beyond to my relatives when I shared it with them. We are 1 big happy family in Odesk, my husband, my sister, cousins, my aunt and even my 57 years old mother had a chance to get a job.


It opened doors for my mother who knows nothing about computers but because of her interest she finally learned how to use a computer. I am truly blessed because I have a client who is very kind to give my mom a job.

The Value of Helping Other People

In my small little way, I was able to offer a “small” job for new Odesk members.

Skill Building

Odesk somehow helped me develop my writing skills. ? I track everything how Odesk contributed for me to have a better life at pinoywahmnewz.info


It is a fact that working online will not give you stability but no worries at all because our security relies in GOD alone. The weapon that I live with to achieve success is through Living and walking LIFE together with GOD.

Faith in God


Thank you very much Odesk and may you continue to open doors of opportunity and make a big impact on someone’s life.


Just having some fun with fellow  Odesk Freelancers.



Appreciation 3



Had the opportunity to take photo with Mollie Carter, Director of Customer Marketing

Appreciation 2

Working with  Upwork has always been a blessing and it is worth sharing that Upwork created a big impact in my life. Thank you Upwork for this innovative way of working from home.