An Interview with Kristine Ohagan

Today, I am featuring a young mom, who despite her young age and an undergraduate is able to make it successful online. Truly, work from home success is all about attitude, skills and knowledge. Be inspired with her story! If she can, you too can do it!


The Wahm Coach:  How long have you been a work at home mom?

I’ve been a work at home mom for 2 years-3 months and counting.


The Wahm Coach: What did you do before you became a work at home mom?

I was once a 4th year college student but due to some important reasons, I stopped studying. From that, I shifted to selling munchkins, barbecue, fried bananas, biscuits and more in order to support my baby who is inside my tummy that time.

The Wahm Coach:  Why did you decide to pursue this path?

I really don’t have an idea on what online work is. I just thought of the fact that this might be my winning streak in life. Without hesitations, I went to internet cafes to read about oDesk(now Upwork). From there, I learned many things which helped me grow as a person. I pursue this path because I knew I can do it. I believe that this opportunity is life-changing and knocks only once. God guided me to where I am now and I am so much thankful to Him for, without Him, I can’t survive this online world that is full of competition and challenges.


The Wahm Coach: Working from home is either getting an online job or having a home-based business. Which path are you now?

I started to find my luck in oDesk. I applied into different jobs and later on, I found out that I can also do online selling while working. I started to balance my time properly specially that my baby was born already. As of now, I am more focused on doing online jobs because this is my heart’s desire. Aside from that, I am very blessed by God because of the opportunities that are coming my way as a freelancer.

The Wahm Coach:  How is business/online jobs so far?

Online jobs really changed my life. I am just a plain young girl yet I am full of dreams. I can’t even afford to buy yummy foods because we’re really poor that time. I am also a product of a broken family and only my grandparents were there for me. I am very much thankful to God because of the amazing opportunities. Online field is really full of surprises. As of now, I was given a chance to be a part of a growing HBPO company here in our place. Despite the fact that I am an undergraduate student, I still stood up and was able to provide the needs of our family. What amazes me more is the fact that I was able to help the poor in my own little way because I am earning more than what I deserve as God’s child.

The Wahm Coach:  Can you tell us how you get started?

My life is full of twists. My father has his family first before me and my mother. We learned about it after 3 years so they didn’t work out. My mother got married to another man and they had 2 sons.

My father is with his true family already that is why my grandparents are taking care of me. It’s been a very hard situation for us. I went to school with 10pesos in my pocket. I even cried a lot before because I can’t pay my projects on time. My aunt sent me to college.

However, I need to stop because of some important matters. I have a boyfriend that time and his parents sent me to school. We were living together and I got pregnant. I stopped studying and thought of some livelihood projects to raise some funds. We sell munchkins, barbecues, bananas, biscuits and more so that we can save.

I remembered my college friend who told me that he is working while studying. I tried to search in the web about oDesk and from there, I learned many things. I borrowed cash from my mother-in-law so that I can avail for a laptop installment. Out of the money that we saved from selling, I was able to avail for internet connection plan. Successfully, in not more than 1 month, I was able to work as a writer in oDesk.

I really did my best in whatever I do because my baby, husband, family and God are my inspirations. I want to work because I want to give my son a brighter future. I don’t want him to experience what I’ve been through before. I also want to fulfill my promise to my family that I will do all my best even if I didn’t finish my studies so that they’ll be proud of me. I also want God to be proud of me because I am His child.

I also want to help those who are in need even in my own little way. My journey in online work is not really that simple yet it is memorable. I am in my 2 years and 3 months of working online and I must say that I learned a lot from it. I am looking forward to work with my bosses in the many more years to come. By the way, I am just 19 when I started working. I am now 21 years old and I am slowly reaching my dreams not only for me but for my family as well.

The Wahm Coach:   What are the challenges you face as a work at home mom?

As a working mom at home, I really need to set my schedules accordingly specially that I am still breastfeeding my baby. There are pauses in my time while working but I see to it that I am transparent when it comes to my time tracking submission. Aside from that, it is really inevitable to meet bosses that are mad specially if they encountered problems with their business. What I do is to simply understand them and see to it that I met their targets, expectations and deadlines so that I can revive their sadness. Another main challenge that we must face if we’re working at home is the fact that there might be electrical and internet connection interruptions so it is better to have a back-up. I am still planning to buy a generator and hopefully I can pursue it in the following year.

The Wahm Coach:  Any tips for moms who aspires to be a work at home mom?

For those moms out there who aspires to be a work at home mom, just do your best and pray. Everything is possible if you have faith in God. You must persevere, must have determination, and must have organization and passion towards work in order for you to successfully achieve your goals in life.


The Wahm Coach:   How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through:


Skype: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Phone #: +93-916-9076-382