My Top Personal Growth and Leadership Books To Finish in 2020

My Top Personal Growth and Leadership Books To Finish in 2020

I have been committed to my personal growth and when I've experienced a better me; I become compassionate and intentional on it.

Personal Growth is a self-directed approach to improve my life and how I choose to grow it. 

As I am pursuing personal growth, here are some books that I want to finish this year.

1. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: Life's Greatest Lessons Are Gained From Our Losses

2.  The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them & Reach Your Growth


3. Leadership Gold: Lessons I've Learned from Leading




4. Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow's Success


5. Put Your Dream To the Test


6. Developing The Leader Within You 2.0


7.  No Limits


8. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect : What the Most Effective People Do Differently

My 2019 Reflection, Getting Ready for 2020

My 2019 Reflection, Getting Ready for 2020

My Y2019 Reflection

Another year has started and before I fully leave 2019, I thought it would be good to look back on what transpired in my life.

What hightlights me the most was about going through the pain of business failures, broken relationship, betrayal in the workplace and health problems .  It was not a great year for me , but nevertheless it was a season of learning more about myself and life. I guess, I went through with what we call as "Midlife Crisis" as what other people called it.

Overcoming of all those challenges  was not really easy, but I thank the Lord for giving me the grace and strength to slowly overcome it. Because of that season, I find myself  getting into rediscovering the within me and focused on learning new things towards personal growth.

With that, allow me to share the 7 questions I ask daily that helped me figure out exactly what I need to find myself again.


Getting Ready for 2020

Y2019 was full of losses, but it was full of learning experiences. As I get ready for 2020, 2 things that set me now.

  • “Those things that hurt, instruct.” —Benjamin Franklin”
  • As what John Maxwell said,  "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. " Life is full of ups and downs , but it can be better and more fulfilling if If I look at negatives​ as a way to learn and grow.

Failure was there to give me the change to rise up with full force for one more time. And if I have to choose a word for 2020, it's EXPLODE. Explode the power within me.

I am so excited for Year 2020 and praying for all the breakthroughs we all deserve. 

Happy New Year! 🙂 

How to Start Working From Home : Exploring Digital Business Strategies

How to Start Working From Home : Exploring Digital Business Strategies

In 11 years of working from home, and resigning from the corporate world 9 years ago, there was never a moment of regret but always a moment of a blessing to experience a better life free from traffic and witness the milestone of my children. If you are an aspiring work at home mom who wants to learn how to start working from home or a freelancer who wants to level up your freelancing career, allow me to share my journey of working from home.

Ten years ago working from home in the Philippines was simply a “fad” taken as part-time online jobs at home while still working full time. It’s a “fad” that you can earn money online and earn dollars working from home.

But today working from home is no longer a fad, it’s a work from home career that requires us to continuously learn and improve ourselves to stand out from the rest and outbeat the global competition. Continuous learning is a must for me to help me build up myself, my confidence and my work from home business. One of the things that I am continuously learning is about different digital business strategies. 

Top 3 Digital Business Strategies  I explored to Level Up

1. Finding Your Niche

When you start exploring the work from home career, there will be a lot of ideas and opportunities you will encounter. I explored different ways to earn money online, you can check it out HERE. I jumped from one idea to another idea, spending money and time to test what I really wanted. Here are a different online business niche I tried on but it did not flourish.

  1. Home and Gardening Ideas - I want to blog and sell  something about home and gardening
  2. Reminology - I want to start a genealogy business
  3. AITrain - I want to be a service provider AI Outsourcing Agency
  4. Savin Time - I want to start an errand business
  5. Freeneers - I want to start an Engineering Outsourcing Agency
  6. Travest Philippines - I want to start a travel business
  7. Disdeal - I want to have d
  8. Health Shoppe PH - I want to have an online health store
  9. The K Drama Fanatic - I want to blog and sell something about Korean Drama and Korean Products
  10. My Chilou - I want to sell dog products
  11. Jaxynne Sweet Corner  - I want to sell chocolates 
  12. Fashionate Kid - I want to help my daughter sell clothes and fashion accessories

At the moment, I find my niche in work from home training and as an affiliate marketing service provider. Identifying your niche can be a bit difficult but if there is something why I choose this path is because it is something that I really love to do. 

  1. Building an Online Community

I created this community on February 29, 2012, and named Beyond Freelancing to Courageous WAHMs.  It’s a community with its mission of supporting and uplifting moms in our home-based career journey. The community started with a few moms who participated in my first training program batch and eventually grow to 586 members. 

creating online community

Creating an online community is easy but maintaining is really a big challenge. Making it successful comes from our passion and commitment to serving the community. For the last 7 years, this community has not taken off yet and still work in progress. As of the moment, I’m on the process of recommitting by giving free training through my 8 Days Challenge to Start Earning Extra Income From Home While Still Working full time, which you can access HERE. The community website, Courageous WAHMS will soon be a launch to support women in small businesses and help make the Philippines a country where womenpreneur thrive.

  1. Building Partnership

In 2013, I started to venture into an idea that I want to explore public speaking to teach about having a work from home career but I really don’t know how to do it.  It was only in February 2016, this was realized because I reached out to Manila Workshops and that is where I started my public speaking journey. Here are some of my workshop partnership with Manila Workshops: Home-based Career 101  and  SEO 101 for Freelancers. Building a partnership helped me build more credibility and has taken me more opportunities with my freelancing services and as a freelance trainer.

One of the partnerships that helped me level up more and improved myself is partnering with Ms. Janette Toral. I started my relationship with her when I signed up for the Maxwell Membership Club where my goal is to learn how I can improve my public speaking skills. 

Photo Credit: Ms. Janette Toral

I never thought that because of that it paved my way for another opportunity to be part of DigitalJobsPH as Resource Trainer. It’s a program of the government initiated by DICT that helps Filipinos in the countryside do online freelancing as a livelihood by providing technical training


More than the opportunities, building partnerships is all about building trust and helping each other to grow more.

 Build Your Business With Public Speaking

And that sums it up with exploring digital business strategies to start and level up myself as a work from home professional.  There are still different digital business strategies, I am exploring through the online learning video course of Ms. Janette Toral entitled Digital Business Strategies. I am excited to apply what I’ve learned from these online learning videos as I prepare for my 2020 Strategic Business Plan.

digital business strategies janette toral

Digital Business Strategies are for freelancers, professionals and business owners who want to review and improve their digital business strategies who want to review and improve their digital business strategies.

What You Will Learn?

  1. Your Passion Areas
  2. Things To Consider When Putting Up Your Business Online
  3. Deciding On Your Niche
  4. Multiple Source of Income
  5. Exploring Revenue Opportunities & Sustainability
  6. Developing Goals
  7. How Can You Build Partnership?
  8. Standout From Competition
  9. How Can You Set Higher standards
  10. Do You Follow Through?
  11. Strengthen Customer Relationship
  12. Forming Online Communities
  13. Promoting Your Brand To Your Target Audience
  14. How Can You Increase The Hype?
  15. Free or Paid Webinar?
  16. Building Your Sign-Up Campaign
  17. Monitoring & Improving Performance

How Much Is the Cost? 

The program costs $49 for 6 months streaming period but you can take it at $18 if you take action now. Use the code "jane" to avail of th online learning video course. The code is valid until October 24 only.


How To Overcome Betrayal in the Workplace

How To Overcome Betrayal in the Workplace

How to overcome betrayal in the workplace?  This has been the question that I have pondering for the last few weeks because I can't believe and I can't accept that I have to go through trust betrayal. But what is trust betrayal? According to Merriam-Webster,  it is "to do something very bad and hurtful to someone that causes a loss of respect". Betrayal is a state where there is intentional actions or omissions of a trusted person.   Betrayal affects the brain that may include but not limited to the following: damaged self-esteem, self-doubting, shock, loss & grief, and anger. On my end, I eat up all the anger within me that I wanted to rant in social media so I could just release my anger but I know it's not proper to do it. I wanted to move on but I cannot really help it. There is so much pain and moving on is very difficult but as these days passed by, I am reminded with few things.

1.  I have 3 choices: Define me, Destroy me, or Strengthen me.

2.  In your ANGER do not SIN.Do not give the devil a foothold. Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful of building others up. Ephesians 4: 26-29

3.  For a man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.  James 1:20

4. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

5.  I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born says the Lord. Isaiah 66: 9

As I look into the question on how to overcome betrayal in the workplace?

1. Be still. Let Go and Let God. Psalm 46:10

2.  Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive. Luke 17:4

John 16:33 says, In this world, you have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world.  Looking back, I overcome the world

  • when I was diagnosed with ameloblastoma (jaw tumor) check it here.
  • when I lost freelancing jobs, check out here.
  • when my mother died, check it here.

 As of this writing, yes, I am still in pain but I believe and by the grace of God, I know I can overcome the pain of betrayal. Moving on with a better perspective in life.