Digital Art Tools For Beginners

Digital Art Tools For Beginners

Wacom Intuos CTL-4100 Wired Graphic Drawing Pen Tablet Small - Php4800.00

Support Your Child’s Interests and Help Them Grow

Support Your Child’s Interests and Help Them Grow

One of the things I love as a mom is to see my children find their interests and passion.  But how do you support your child’s interests and help them grow? Do you know what are your child’s interests? As parents, we can help them find their interests and passion in many different ways.  Here are some of my personal experiences raising two children, a 10-year-old girl, and a 17 years old son.

How to know your child's interests?

Observe Them

Have you recalled the time when you ask your children what they want to be when they grow up? Did you find it amusing? I did.  I had the chance to look back on what he wants through his yearbook. Guess what? He wanted to be an architect.

LG Arts

Is it something true today for him? After 13 years, it's not anymore, today he wanted to pursue an IT Career. But what's most exciting for me is that his hobby of drawing is relevant to being an architect. I observed that he loves to draw! He started his love for drawing when he was 9 years old. Here are some of his drawings.

Invest on Your Child's Interests

His love for drawing started on a piece of paper, pencil and a crayon with guns as the subject matters.

As his interests continued, his subject changed, his medium changed. From guns to cars to faces, from sketchbook to digital arts. As far as digital tools, we invested in a Wacom Pen Tablet

For suggested digital art tools for beginners, check here.

Talk To Them

Ask questions.  Explore what they would love to do. Three years ago, I asked them what they would love to do.

As I listen to them,  I connect and guide them with their interests. I document their journey through a website and social media, check this out: LG Arts FB Page, Website, and YouTube Channel. Through this, I can share how they were able to progress in their journey.

Promote Personal Growth In Your Children

Encourage your child to pursue personal growth. Personal growth can help us in all areas of our lives. Recently, I signed them up on a Mastermind: YouthMax Plus for Kids and Teens.

YouthMax Plus is an engaging and interactive mastermind session that aims to help kids and teens develop the skills necessary to build strong relationships and add value to others.

Enjoy the Journey

Nothing beats when you have fun in the process.  The process of identifying, encouraging, nurturing, and motivating their interests is fun.

Today, I'm super excited as my son is turning his hobby into profit. He is launching his first webinar series on How To Draw Anime For Beginners. This is a webinar series for kids and teens interested to learn about how to draw anime. If you want to know more about it, check it HERE.

I’d love to know what interests your children? How are you supporting your child’s interests?