Mastering SEO Keyword Research


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Find keywords to rank easily by mastering SEO Keyword Research

Keywords are the key foundation for all SEO efforts. Learn how to find the best keywords for SEO and build content around keywords that will drive organic traffic to your websites.  Learn how to do comprehensive keyword research in a 2-hour webinar session.

What You Will Learn

  • The Role of Keyword Research in Website Optimization
  • Understand the Different Types of Keywords 
  • Tools for Completing Keyword Research
  • Finding Keywords to Match The Buyer’s Journey and Drive Organic Website 

Who This Webinar is for

  • Freelancer wanting to provide SEO Services focused on Keyword Research

Webinar Topic

Topic 1: Keyword Research

  • Understanding Your Target Audience
  • Type of  Keywords
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Finding Keywords

Topic 2: Keyword Analysis

  • Keyword Selection
  • Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) analysis

Topic 3:  Keyword Mapping

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Content Calendar Creation

You need to sign-up for a 7 Days SEMRush Trial as this the primary tool that we are using.


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