Build Your Business With Public Speaking



Building Your Business with Public Speaking (Use the code”speaknow”) 

Public speaking, whether ONLINE or Face-to-Face, is a vital skill that is important in all areas of our life. With the Covid-19, the more we need to figure out how to conduct more business online. Our ability to communicate well is also of great importance.

The ability to communicate effectively can give us the power to inform, make an impact, inspire, teach, persuade, transform, and sell ideas and the list goes on. Communicating through public speaking can give us a tremendous impact on career growth and success in our chosen industries. Public speaking is a great marketing method that can help us convince the audience of our expertise and provide solutions. Nowadays, public speaking is essential to improving business and professional success!


At the end of this webinar, we want to share

1. How to generate income with public speaking

2. How To Market Yourself, Your Business, and Attract Clients


* Financial Advisors
* Real Estate Professionals
* Business Owners
* Service Providers
* Health & Wellness Coaches


The 1st session is about Branding & Marketing Yourself as a Public Speaker by Jane Maghanoy, The Wahm Coach.

* Introduction To Public Speaking as Marketing Method for The New Normal
* Organizing Your Own Speaking and Training Event
* Profiting from Public, Private, and Corporate Speaking Engagement
* Delivery of Talk

The 2nd Session is about Marketing Yourself, Your Business, and Attract Clients by Janette Toral (Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach, Fascinate Certified Advisor, and Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.)

* Your Foundation
* Build a Fascinating Brand
* Building Trust and Credibility
* Perfect Pricing & Super Simple Selling
* Six Core Self-Promotion Strategies
* World-Class Speaking for Impact and Influence


On top of the 4-hour webinar, participants get a FREE:

  1. One hour Digital Marketing Consultation With Jane Maghanoy
  2. One-Time Business Promotion through The Wahm Coach Social Media Channels
  3. One session at the Maxwell Speakers Club
  4. One hour branding, positioning, and speaking consultation session with Janette Toral


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