SEO 101 :Up Your Skills




Hi there, fellow freelancer!

For sure you have seen the word SEO across job marketplaces and social media networks.

And you have been wondering what it is all about.

You can research it but for sure you will have to figure out things on your own, which I truly believe that you can do it.

However, if you need to save some time in learning SEO skill set, let me help you with that.

Up your skills by adding SEO as a new skill set.

Be equipped with different SEO strategies and gain confidence when you apply for SEO jobs.

What do you get by purchasing from this product?

  • You will get a pre-recorded videos on the outline mentioned below

I. Introduction to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

II. SEO Job Types
III. SEO Tools
IV. Keyword Research & Analysis
V. Link Building & Outreach
VI. Basic SEO KPIs to Track

  • Access an exclusive  Facebook support group  community who shares the same journey with you
  • Virtual SEO internship is also available if you wish to join and take actual SEO job activities


Who is this for?

  •  This is for newbie freelancer ( with at least 3 months of freelancing experience)
  • This is for those who are an action taker
  • This is for those who have teachable heart

If this is you, join us in wonderful journey of  learning new SEO skill


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