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I won’t really dwell too much anymore on what she has shared to us throughout her life as a freelancer but what I loved about her was that she never stops to tell us that in order to be successful in this career, you must have FAITH & GOAL to succeed. Clarisse Angelique Pasamba


Thankfully, our speaker for Virtual Assistant topic, Ms. Jane, was the bomb! Such a cool mom and she really is an EXPERT on the field, and oh so GENEROUS as well. Not only the basics of VA were shared but more. It opened my eyes to more possibilities that I didn’t know exist before. But more than possibilities, here’s VA 101.

Melanie Gonzales

How to Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website involves 3 steps: Get your domain name. Get a web hosting account. Design your web page Domain Name The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get yourself a domain name. For example,  To get a domain name, you need to pay for the annual fee to register a domain. It is comparable to having registered your business.   Website Hosting You can get website hosting from a web host company. Having a website hosting account is comparable to renting an office space for your business. This is where you place all files for your website. Purchasing a website hosting is based on the size of the disk space. Just like an offline business, the bigger the space,the more expensive is its rental.   Web Page Design & Development Once domain name and web hosting is ready, the next step is to design the website itself. There are various platforms to use . Here are among the list: WordPress Squarespace Joomla Drupal Concrete5 TinyCMS    ... read more

How to Do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a form of market research that tells you what people are interested in and how many of these people are interested in such. Keyword Research is important to help a business identify the set of keywords to target the right market for the products or services.   The Keyword Research Process involves three steps , namely: Target Market Identification, Keywords Generation and Keyword Analysis.   What are the Keyword Research Tools? Google Keyword Planner Traffic Travis Wordtracker SEMRush Keyword Discovery Market Samurai  ... read more

How to Do Blog Commenting

What is Blog Commenting? Blog Commenting is a process that allows you to engage people through blogs by posting relevant comments.   What are the things you need to have to perform blog commenting? Email Address Name Website Your Comment What is the process? Find Relevant Blog Post Quality... read more