Hi there, my name is Jane Maghanoy, an Upwork freelancer for almost 9 years, a homepreneur, a work at home mom coach and I help women start a     home-based career. Please check links below to know a little about me. 🙂

If your problem is you have a hard time finding an online job, then we want to step in and provide some means to help your problem.  With our training and internship program, we offer  the following :

  • Internship Program - we want to let you do the actual work from an online business to help you gain experience but please be noted that this has no allowance.
  • Training Program - we want to equip you with the in-demand skills on  Online Marketing.
  • Job Assistance - after your internship and training program, we will help you find a job through our agency.

We receive a lot of emails but we can only accommodate 5 moms for now.

So, here's what we are looking for, a mom with a Teachable Heart! If you are that momshie, here are the steps you need to take to qualify for the next step:

  1. Identify your top 3 skills.
  2. Visit each of these platforms, Upwork.com, OnlineJobs.ph, PeoplePerHour.com to find jobs. No need to register.
  3. On the 3 platforms, search for a job by placing your each of your skill. For example, on the find job, input "affiliate marketing, then you get to see listed jobs. Go over 5 posted jobs. Check the Job Title, Job Description, Job Task and required skills.  From those job task, identify which of the tasks you are capable of and which you don't. Compile it on a word document.
  4.  Let's do another research and make it the other way around. Still on those platforms, research 5 experienced freelancers with those skills (your top 3 skills). Find out how they create they profile. Identify their title and "overview " . Compile the 5 freelancers in a word document .
  5.  Send us a copy of that word document to jane@janemaghanoy.com and apple@jassonlinesolutions.com.
  6.  Lastly, tell me if there is something wrong with my grammar.