Introvert. Shy. Easily get intimidated by people. Nothing to share when in a group. Never see me do the first move unless you approach me. I always got nervous when speaking in front of people. This is what I used to be. But things change, I never thought that amidst these personalities, I turned out as a public speaker. The best thing about it, I overcome the fear of public speaking and profit from it.

I started public speaking in February 2016 through a seminar on How To Start A Home-based Career and has become an additional income stream as a work at home mom. For the last 2 years, I've conducted seminars and workshops for more than 10 events and focused on home-based opportunities and online marketing.

How did it start?

It all started with a DESIRE.  I wanted to share with people about home-based opportunities because I know that this is a great opportunity that everyone can benefit from. Clueless on what to do, I looked for training and came across Inspire Leadership Consultancy, offering Knockout Presentation Skills by Anthony Pangilinan. I really wanted to attend and inquire about how much it will cost me for that workshop. Guess what? Boom, it's Php10,000.00! Aha, I can't afford such a learning investment fee. But with that consuming desire, I told the organizer I wanted to attend on the next schedule and if it is okay if I pay on an installment basis prior to the said date because I cannot afford to pay it in a one-time payment. The organizer agreed, come again the next schedule, sad to say, I was still not able to attend, because I was only able to pay Php2.000.00.

Sad, right? Did I give up on it? Yes, for quite some time but when you really want something in your from your heart,  you will get it at the right time. After a year, another schedule was coming, and I reached out again to the organizer if I can resume my installment payment. Guess what, the organizer said that she made a mistake on the mode of payment and offered me instead to pay a one-time payment of Php3,000.00, that makes 50% of the total cost.

Gotcha! Persistence works! I finally got it in December 2014.

knockout presentation skills


Things did not work out the way I wanted. DESIRE was replaced with DOUBTS & FEARS.

Are there people who will listen to me? Are there people who will pay to listen to me?

What's worst when your husband told you, don't push through with it "baka langawin ka lang".

Oh, don't get my husband wrong, he only said that because he loves me so much and he doesn't want me na mapahiya ( hindi ko alam paano i translate sa English)  because he knows how I am 🙂 .


I was ready to leave  behind that DESIRE but I met someone who really created a big impact on my life and public speaking journey. He was the one who unlocked my potential and to TAKE ACTION and not just  "I THINK ". Meet Raymond Lim, CEO of RBG Philippines.

raymond lim

Because of the 1 day workshop that completely changed the way how I see things in life. The workshop is entitled, Money Making Muscle Workshop, you can check it HERE , or  check this MMM graduate say about the workshop.


A new year, new learnings. New Journey. I reached out to Manila Workshops.

manila workshops

mommy ginger

And it feels so great when there are people who may not personally know you but will really support your journey. Yes, the CEO of Manila Workshops,  Ginger Arboleda, responded immediately.


I had my first seminar after 3 years of dreaming of it. We were able to gather 20 audience and it was held in Maxx's  Robinson, Imus. It was so funny, I remembered that I told my audience, "Please bear with me as this is my first time to speak". I was really so nervous and before the seminar started, I pee around 3 to 5 times.

Finally, I made it. Because it was a successful event, I partnered again with Manila Workshops and we planned to have it in Metro Manila.


The second seminar was successful except that I was so discouraged because harsh feedback is so painful to bear. I cannot accept it because I know in my heart that I have given all my best but I guess my best is not enough 🙂 .  After the event, I really cried! I was so discouraged that I told myself, I will not pursue it anymore. But still, in my heart, I want to pursue it.

I was looking for an answer on how to overcome it. In fact, with my craziness, I even emailed Chinkee Tan, I really looked up to him. I am mentored by his seminars, books, and blog posts.

Chinkee Tan

You know what, he really answered me 🙂

chinkee tan

During that time, Ginger Arboleda also reached out to me and we had one on one meeting to help me out. These incidents helped me understand that I cannot really please everyone. And to turn negativity to positivity and use such negativity to become a better you. You know what, speaking life to another person really helps a lot. If these persons did not speak life to me, I may not be writing this blog post now.


The decision to continue with my journey is the best decision I've made and helped me grow as a person. I've conducted more than 10 workshops now and I have been doing it for 2 years now.

home-based career seminar


Increase Credibility

I get connected with big brands. Payoneer is an international brand that offers a global payment solution. You can visit their website HERE or you may want to sign up NOW.



PRULIFE- UK Amber Speaking Invitation

prulife uk

Getting Interviews

  • Email Interview

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Inc South East Asia. "Inc. Southeast Asia is the sole Southeast Asian licensee of Inc., the world’s leading media brand for entrepreneurs and start-ups".

You may want to check the write-up HERE.

  • Radio/TV Interview

School of Life TV

school of life

School Life of TV

Net25 Guesting

Gusto ko sana magsalita ng dalawang oras...kaso minamadali ako ng prompter..🙂Talking about working from home. Let me share this with you.For freelancers looking for jobs, sign-up here: business owners looking for the right talent, sign up here: would love to see you on board!

Publicado por Jane Maghanoy en Lunes, 29 de julio de 2019


The best part I get to profit from public speaking as an additional income stream. It is just so exciting, that I was able to earn the most at a 5 digit income. Sounds great, right! I never thought that I can earn as much as that by simply speaking in 3 hours and by simply sharing information with people. On top of that, I was able to generate leads and convert it as a customer of my home-based online marketing agency.


Two years may have passed but there's still a lot to work on myself because learning never stops. To hone my public speaking skills, I recently joined  Maxwell Speakers Club International - Philippines.

Joining Maxwell Speakers Club has benefits  including :
  1. Watch exclusive John Maxwell live presentation and extract lessons.
  2. Experiential learning through prepared and impromptu speeches, live feedback, and critiques.
  3. Practical topics and assignments.

I have a lot to share but I already spent 6 hours working on this blog post :). I'll leave it up here.

How about you? Do you have that desire to get started with public speaking to help increase your credibility and profit from it? If it's a yes, shoot me an email at, I might be able to help you get started.