Hi,  Mommy! Unfortunately, you missed an opportunity that could have somehow help you find a job.  But let me ask some questions for you:

(1) How eager are you to land a job?

(2)  How many jobs are you applying every day?

(3)  Are you honing your skills?

(4)  Have you tried asking Google  " Why am I not getting any jobs? What can I do to get a job?

What will you do to achieve your goal?

Let me just share something for you but I hope that this is for your eyes only. I wanted to share with you that there is a great opportunity online and all we need TO DO  is to TAKE ACTIONS CONSISTENTLY.  Let me prove that to you on the image below, and yes there is really an opportunity that I can earn a big amount of money in a few hours of work, that is 13.50 working hours only and charge work at $35/hour.



Is this something that you also want to achieve? Then Take Actions! There is no perfect time to start but TODAY! We posted the AD, we received a number of applications but only 6 people responded to the requirement. And yes, they will be receiving the perks that we will be giving them.

A lot of people says I want to get a job but only a few take actions and you are part of those many who did not take actions immediately. Here's my final question, do you really want to land a job? If yes, then I am opening a giveaway but this time it will only be a training program to help on your skills.

I am opening it to those who can comply our requirement within 24 hours.  Here's you need to do:

  1.  Follow the 1st instruction here: http://www.janemaghanoy.com/learntoearn/
  2. Once submitted, join this exclusive group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/158557184493489/

See you in the group!