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I won’t really dwell too much anymore on what she has shared to us throughout her life as a freelancer but what I loved about her was that she never stops to tell us that in order to be successful in this career, you must have FAITH & GOAL to succeed. Clarisse Angelique Pasamba


Thankfully, our speaker for Virtual Assistant topic, Ms. Jane, was the bomb! Such a cool mom and she really is an EXPERT on the field, and oh so GENEROUS as well. Not only the basics of VA were shared but more. It opened my eyes to more possibilities that I didn’t know exist before. But more than possibilities, here’s VA 101.

Melanie Gonzales

How To Earn $500 in 30 Days

I want to earn from home for at least $500 working only part-time. “Suntok sa buwan”, as they may say especially if you just started learning on how you can work from home. I wanted to earn such amount but it only floats on my brain because sometimes I think “I could never do that” or sometimes ” Is that really possible”?. The biggest lesson I learned in life is that mindset is everything because I know that what I think about and focus on becomes my reality. Success is an inside job and if I want to earn $500 in 30 days, then I need to program my mind for success! So for the next 30 days,  join me on my  500/30 CHALLENGE!       GOAL SETTING AND PLANNING Everything starts from Setting Goals and Planning! My goal is to earn $500 in 30 days in 1 New Job Marketplace for at least $8.50 per hour and working  15 hours per week. In order for me to achieve that, I need to apply for at least 10 projects per day and making it at least 70 applications for one week.   JOB MARKETPLACES Going to job marketplaces is the best way to kick-off your freelancing career while you are still learning about the industry. In this way,  you only have to focus on: Sending a number of applications! Here are some of the top job marketplaces  for your freelancing projects: For the purpose of doing the 500/30 Challenge, I am pursuing as my new job marketplace.   SELECTION OF JOB MARKETPLACE... read more

7 Ways How to Earn Money from Home

They say working from home provides unlimited opportunities and that all you need to do is find out what will work best for you. Indeed, there’s a lot of ideas and opportunities and here’s some of which I have personally tried. Online Freelancing I have been into the freelancing industry for almost 8 years where I worked as a Virtual Assistant and doing some stuff like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and other admin staffs. I got my projects through and this has been my primary source of income. I tried and, unfortunately, it did not work out well for me. How Does it Work?   Home-Based Outsourcing Business As a freelancer, you would like to step up to another level and start building your own business. I started Jass Online Solutions, a home-based outsourcing agency providing services on Virtual Assistance, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, SEO and Social Media Marketing. The business is still in it’s infancy stage and there’s a lot to work on How Does it Work? Coaching Business A coaching business refers to a business of helping others to achieve a specific goal by providing training, advise and guidance. As a work at home mom coach,  I help people start and thrive for a home-based career.   Information Selling Event Director It’s actually just been a month where I take another role of becoming an Event Director of Manila Workshops.   Online Selling How Does it Work? Blogging How Does it Work? Affiliate Marketing How Does it Work? As you can see there’s a lot of proven ideas on how we make... read more

Goal Setting

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that successful people all do one thing, they know exactly what they are trying to achieve.If we want to achieve something in our lives, we really need to think about what we want and set specific goals. So, how is Y2016 doing for you? Do you already have goals set? If not, it’s not too late to decide and write it down. But before we do that, how about if we revisit the what, why and how of goal setting. What is your goal for this year? Why Should We Set Goals? How Can We Set... read more